Fourth Industrial revolution, Advantages &Perils

Our future according to Yuval Noah Harari, a lecturer at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, in his new book "Homo Deus" says " more of us will be pushed out of employment by intelligent robots and on to the economic scrap heap". Yes, we are on the cusp of imminent change with the advent of … Continue reading Fourth Industrial revolution, Advantages &Perils


Selfish Babas in India not Selfless.

As a precursor to this heading, let me tell you what propelled me to write this piece, The yesterday’s arson and attacks in Panchkula, Haryana throws us a grim reminder how law and order situations have been taken over by a large group of followers of Messanger of God (Baba ram Rahim). The self-styled godman's, … Continue reading Selfish Babas in India not Selfless.

Unabated exploitation for water

When we are going through severe drought crisis and farmers suicide across India,  to impose a ban on the US-basedbeverage manufactures  Coco cola and Pepsi in Tamil Nadu is nothing but a decision in the right direction to signal an end to the exploitatation  done to natural resources by these  Global manufacturers.  But certainly these … Continue reading Unabated exploitation for water

Is marriage a passport to future?

Marriage is normally considered as passport which ushers a good future for the women community ,There is a brewing tensions and anxiety among the parents of the female child that , sooner she turns 20 years parents of the female child starts their mission to look out for the ideal groom to get her married … Continue reading Is marriage a passport to future?