The State of statelessness

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The State of statelessness


History could have been much kinder to the Rohingya as a minority community. The hardship and despair the most prosecuted community in the world has been going through are beyond one’s imagination. I found it more surprised that their fellow majority Buddhist community is considered as the most peace loving religion in the world. In fact, throughout Buddha’s teaching, he embodied mercifulness, But the present action by the majority Buddhist community in Myanmar has been nowhere near what Budha taught or perhaps envisaged. The most prosecuted community in the world has been driven out from their state with no amount of humanity left from their fellow beings. They are left to sob in despair due to the losses incurred in their minds on account of most inhuman treatment meted out to them. They are now homeless, bewildered, raped both physically and mentally, now they are on their way to neighbouring locations in another country. How long it takes for them to recover from their unimaginable wounds, scars which have completely ravaged them. They might seek for refugee status in another country and it takes years striving for them get back to normal life forgetting all the pain they had been undergoing from their fellow beings. Their voices are being crushed with no one wishing to hear or no one forthcoming to heal their wounds. The state of their mind with statelessness is such harsh reality, very hard to imagine the predicament.

The atrocities committed on them just because they are being minority Muslim with flesh& blood, who has been living in the Rakhine state for many decades, have been trying to build their lives with hopes and aspirations like any other human being in this world , But now they are being rendered with no identity, experiencing the kind of treatment which is trivial and most unacceptable one, when human being as a species has been endowed with some many achievements since their evolution, But these actions are nothing but most heinous which takes us far behind from where we have evolved. With no element of empathy left in our souls. Destroying lakhs of people hopes under the pretext of being a minority community among the majority who follows different faith leaves us so small even less than the status of wild animals living in the forest. I don’t understand how a most evolved living being on this planet can act so cruel to their fellow beings.
Driving them out from their homes, physically exploiting them with retribution is nothing but an act of belittling our status as the most evolved species. The most interesting aspect has been the ruler himself who was the Nobel prize winner of peace completely seen dismissing the violence as fake news and false propaganda. Aung San Suu Kyi who has been considered as the most respected women leader under house arrest for many years in a military-dominated govt structure. However in all respects considering her stature, she should have stood strongly against the atrocities committed to “Rohingya”, But she seems to follow a deafening silence when the people of her country are driven from their homeland. Yes, terrorism has been plaguing the world for a quite some time, But viewing everyone through the same prism as a terrorist because they belong to a particular religion will be more counterproductive in the coming years. If world nations are aspiring for a peaceful environment, I think these actions would take us nowhere, perhaps amounts to create more breeding ground for the terrorist and terrorism to flourish. The most dangerous ideology floated by these groups gets shot in their arm to further gain strength. As responsible nations it is duty-bound to create an environment of trust, kindness, accepting everyone as equal.

The state of the statelessness is nothing but an act of denying them the permission to lead a decent and dignified life which every human being on this planet has the right to aspire for irrespective of their status as a minority, or the faith they follow. But when the state itself promotes hatred towards their citizens, promoting enmity within the same people. I think we as mankind we are only regressing not progressing.

Silencing the Alternative voices

The likes of Dabolkar, Pansare, Kalburgi & now Gauri are the few lonely voices in our societal landscape, who had sounded different from the popular narrative, they all had sternly & firmly stood for the causes of very people, who have been pushed to the margins in the name of caste, religion and superstitious beliefs.

It is widely known, observed that mainstream media in the country is least bothered to take up the issues of these marginalised, ostracised people living in an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness. The motive to crush those lonely voices is nothing but an act of fascism to define an archaic idea of India which never falls into the premise of our constitutional principles of pluralism, freedom of expression, equal treatment for all.

Ever since Modi government came to the power with a strong majority, right wing forces have gathered the confidence to silence every voices those they believe has never fit into their idea of India. The dangerous trend of selective targeting of people who challenge & raise opposing views is being brought down by bullets.

The liberal space for such intellectual to discuss, to bring the valid issues to the limelight are being treated with disdain. But the real fact is that these attacks on such people are nothing but an effort to contain them with brutal force. The role of our mainstream media in today’s environment is limited to browbeating what has been propagated by the govt, instead of questioning the govt tendencies media amounts to create a climate of an unnecessary frenzy on issues like nationalism & patriotism. In the hindsight, underlying larger societal issues which are at play have been sidelined.

The intellectuals like Gauri spoke sense and fought for those class of people who have been living under constant fear and insecurity, it is the responsibility of journalist-cum activist like Gauri to bring such issues to the forefront for the Govt of the day to address it sensibly. I think most the issues raised by these liberal intellectuals are getting brushed aside with a scant regard of not getting heard. As an agenda to oppose anyone with such liberal voices are not through serious discussions, but finds an easy route of resorting to violence, vandalism and murder.

The idea of India has been inclusive in nature not exclusive. If we continue the way we are doing right now would turn our country into a theocratic state, which is against the principles enshrined in our Constitution. The fundamental existence of India as a nationhood doesn’t lie on the idea of majoritarianism, but an idea which takes everyone in the society together with an objective of empowering all to build a strong nation which celebrates its vibrancy in unity in diversity.

It is very sad to see how insensitive we have become as a society, the ideas and values these espoused by liberal intellectuals ought to be right normal which we as a nation need to imbibe. The idea of divisiveness, communal politics, the illogical embarrassment of past culture is not going to take us anywhere if we really aspire to become a powerful nation in the coming decade.

The culture we have inherited as a society thrives on accepting every faith & beliefs inclusively. In contrast to that what we witness today is nothing but the blatant violation of silencing them with out constructive engagement. The systematic destruction of institutions of excellence in the last three years clearly point towards a singular idea of a new normal, with limited possibilities of voices of dissent, Our strands of defining nationalism today is very skewed & myopic. The intolerance towards opposing views, alternate ideas needs to be promoted more than getting wrapped as anti-nationalist.

The one-dimensional view through a particular prism would turn our country into a bunch of aberrations. The ideas or voices should be three dimensional and should be allowed to be discussed and deliberated in a central space, because you cannot view or govern a nation with narrow-minded ideas, silencing those with opposing views, who tries to bring issues plaguing us into the forefront for a very long time. If we really want to take the nation forward to greater heights, the need for accommodating the sensibilities of each and every one in the society is a must. As a society needs the patience to hear their concerns with empathy, not as an enemy of the state.

In the contemporary society, or as a nation with a multitude of practices, belief systems and food habits, the responsibility of the govt ought to be the role of a facilitator in providing the space for them to debate, survive and sustain. The role of such individuals who raises their voices, concerns needs to be welcomed with an open mind. I believe in today’s India extreme leftist ideologies or extreme right-wing ideologies are dangerous to our nation’s existence, the relevance of strong personalities like Gouri need to be heard, welcomed, but the recent series of actions against them proves that as a society we have been becoming increasingly intolerant towards individuals who take up issues of wider importance, which I believe is a very dangerous trend.



Although leader & leadership is widely discussed and deliberated topic with various divergent opinions about how his or her leadership should be. Or the certain style of leadership traits are only more relevant to particular time periods in the history, or just because a particular type of leadership has granted success. so should that be all weather approach to success for ever?  Still, there are many instances for people to look back into the history and being hailed the likes of  Hitlers, Stalin, Mussolini’s success a leader who was all set out to conquer the world with their brutal force. Even today many of them believe that Hitler’s type of leadership is very much required in the contemporary world to over come the world is facing today. I think the world has moved a lot from the Hitler’s period. There are  examples of many political leaders  who had made significant changes , but it carried a huge cost by crushing many millions of peoples life, using most heinous methods of execution, gave scant regard for people’s concerns and feelings, Not providing any space for consultation, but only inflicting or pushing one’s idea and visions in to others throat. But in a way history has been benevolent to such extent by not allowing them to continuously be at the top. If you ask anyone today they have different perceptions how their nation’s  leadership should be.However,  if we have been flipping through the pages of world history, certainly most of the leaders and their leadership styles are more over similar ie is authoritarian style, but very few among the legacy of leaders stands rest from the crowd like great Mahatma Gandhi.

But in the present world order, I think we need a more inclusive style rather than one who pursue the exclusionary style of leadership. Because the exclusionary style of leadership is inherently creating a constituency which is more of a  people who fits into the narrative, by smartly excluding certain classes of people belong to certain caste, creed, race & religion. Although we have witnessed exclusionary style of leadership in the past, in the present global order begs leaders who ought to be inclusionary in nature. Other wise going forward our world is going to be a dangerous place to be in. The challenges faced by us has grown manifold, So to tackle all those critical problems, a new change in approach in leadership is more ideal in all respects.  Contemporary leaderships in the world needs a paradigm shift in thinking, The livers of wielding power over less developed nations through economic power or military power are not going to stay for ever. So today’s leader should embrace the quality of egalitarian society, sharing natural resources for everyone’s survival , New global order in the future shouldn’t be purely on the basis of economic supremacy, the GDP, driving stocks to new levels creating more wealth for the shareholders, creating policies for few  to get in to billionaires club. In the hindsight, such animal instincts of amassing more wealth & resources by hook or crook have a limit. Because we are living in a world of finite resources  But if world’s  has been thinking of making an infinite profit out from a finite resource is perhaps the most foolish decision one could ever think of, But corporation & business leaders& political heads has been pursuing the policy of morally equating success with profit.

Take for the instance in the world of politics  ,we have several types of  people who has been anointed as the heads of their respective countries, rulers after rulers who has been playing the role of state, elected leaders, military dictatorship,  business leaders becoming political heads., So in all these categories of leadership types,  predominance of certain  traits makes them stand apart from the rest. But common characteristics which include drive, motivation, energy, tenacity&intiative. But broadly we can classify leaders into six according to the leadership styles.

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How a leader should be?

Out of the six listed leadership style, As a leader to be successful and effective one should have the multiple characteristics styles according to the circumstances. He or she should adopt combined traits to be successful and take the nation forward. A leader with one type of leadership traits can no longer take the responsibility forward, they might be successful in achieving short term success , but as a person who governs the nation should adopt different types leadership styles to evolve and sustain as a true leader who can make significant strides for a countries facing multitude of problems.

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