Fourth Industrial revolution, Advantages &Perils

Our future according to Yuval Noah Harari, a lecturer at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, in his new book “Homo Deus” says ” more of us will be pushed out of employment by intelligent robots and on to the economic scrap heap”. Yes, we are on the cusp of imminent change with the advent of fourth industrial revolution catching momentum in the most advanced economies. Preceding to this we as human beings had traversed three successive revolutions each one was better than the later, because of our quest to better our lives by increasing the production commensurates with the ever increase in demand. The First industrial revolution took place between 18th and 19th century which marked the beginning of agrarian society becoming industrial and Urban along with invention of steam engine, The second industrial revolution between (1870 and 1940) characterised by steel, oil, electricity & internal combustion engine had helped in mass production and followed by Third industrial revolution started in 1980’s which was significant in many ways using the power of technology, internet and achievements in the sphere of  information technology space.

Fourth Industrial revolution

In the fourth industrial revolution is going to surpass everything that we could ever think of. It represents a fundamental change in the way we live, works and relates to one another. The beginning of new chapter enabled by extraordinary advances in technology. These advances merge the capabilities of the physical, digital and biological world. The immense potential throws out the huge promise and its potential peril. Perhaps in future, we can look beyond it as not just technology per se but an opportunity to improve the conditions of everyone with an inclusive approach.

Disruption to jobs and Skills.

The disruptions to existing models will create a huge impact on jobs ie means opportunity for new kind of jobs as well as the displacement of existing jobs. It could create a positive impact on gender parity, use of AI and Robotics and also has the potential to make the mobility more robust.

Innovation and productivity

The traditional models failed in measuring the capabilities hence cannot be actually measured. At present more than two billion remains disconnected from the global economy, But once the Fourth Industrial starts running in its full steam these disparities and gaps could be narrowed by increasing the productivity in an equitable manner.


As per the Global Wealth Report published by Swiss bank Credit Suisse in 2015, Richest 1% of the global population controls half of all of the assets in the world. while the bottom half of the population held less than 1% of all wealth. Even those regions in the world were economic growth picked up has seen increased stress and inequality. So it remains to be seen how far fourth industrial revolution could usher rapid change in the society.

Agile Governance

The power of fourth Industrial revolution can be harnessed by governance for delivering better governance which is more accessible and helps in increasing transparency and trust. On the flipside, it can also threaten the social contract between the government and citizens.

Security and conflict

The Fourth Industrial Revolution can affect the scale and nature of conflicts. Meanwhile, new technologies are making the battlefield increasingly local and as well as global. Terrorist groups use the social media to recruit fighters to fight against the state. The combination of traditional battlefield techniques with technology is making modern conflicts more hybrid in nature. So future wars can disrupt the communication systems and narrow the line between war and peace.

Business disruption

Future disruptions in the existing business models will be a shift towards new kind of relationship between customer and business models. The new kind relationship is going to be nothing but all time connected model leveraging the power of mobile communications.WhatsApp mobile messaging service reported that its users were sending 42 billion messages every day. The Alibaba Chinese internet commerce giant Alibaba completed $14 billion online transactions on a single day through Mobile device.

Fusing Technologies

The Fourth Industrial Revolution marks the beginning of the fusion of technologies and growing harmonisation of different disciplines, The technologies like Virtual Augmented reality, 3d Printing, sensors, Biotechnology, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and robotics etc.

Ethics and Identity

Fouth industrial revolution triggered new changes in disciplines like biotechnology and AI, also redefining the limits of lifespan, health, cognition and other capabilities which were once considered as a fiction. In 2010 University of Michigan Institute for Social Research identified that nearly 40% decline in empathy among college students compared with their counterparts 20 or 30 years before.



Selfish Babas in India not Selfless.

baba ram rahim

As a precursor to this heading, let me tell you what propelled me to write this piece, The yesterday’s arson and attacks in Panchkula, Haryana throws us a grim reminder how law and order situations have been taken over by a large group of followers of Messanger of God (Baba ram Rahim). The self-styled godman’s, spiritual gurus in our country have been able to influence the mind’s of people a lot. India has been considered as a land of spirituality, So this self-styled Baba’s and gurus, know how to make best out of it by influencing people in the name of religion and faith. We, also shouldn’t forget that, we, need to be proud that the likes of Vivekananda, Sree Ramakrishna and many other spiritually enlightened souls walked, enriched us with their profound teachings in this great country, But, what we were witnessing today is a ,complete shift from true spirituality to an organized business where spiritual gurus were busy creating millions of followers, establishing their contact points in different parts of the country .

Spirituality and politics is a right mix

A country like India with sufferings, downtrodden people, casteism and much more social malice which even prevails after our 70th independence day, The self-styled God man and modern spiritual leaders knew that their nation is fertile ground for them to prosper in the name of being “spiritual”. We should think with a lot of seriousness, how can people in this modern century worship them equivalent to god, They listen to their speeches, obey their commands, prostrating in front of spiritual leaders who they see as a beacon of hope for their suffering. When politicians pay lip service to these babas at their abodes, the general public believes that his even more powerful than the govt. Even the comments from the top leadership of the ruling govt show, how dilly dally they seem to be.

Today’s spirituality means business.

A genuine spiritual leader or enlightened souls are not driven by any motive to institutionalise their teachings by setting up big ashrams or establishing centres across the world. But today’s spiritual leaders are similar to the likes of many business men setting up shops in many countries and wowing the consumers in that market to buy their products, similarly when a spiritual leader wants to reach to millions of people across the length and breadth of this country or even outside of this country they are in fact eyeing the business opportunity by creating more followers for him, More followers and believers means more money comes to their kitty. The valid example is yoga Guru Baba Ramdev , who has successfully created a business group called Patanjali, with in a short span of time the turn over of his entity has risen to more than 5000 Crores, another Guru, the proponent of Art of living has been planning to foray into manufacturing and selling ayurvedic products. We have seen spiritual gurus using expensive motor bikes, cars, enjoying the patronage of powerful politicians, getting fat checks from taxpayers money. Real spirituality, means living beyond the material pleasure with selfless dedication to mankind’s progress.
Time has come to educate the people to become more sensible and responsible citizens and they should be able to identify what is right and what is wrong with out the blind following, Supporting a rapist baba means our people’s moral ineptitude levels has touched its lowest level. I think already we are paying a huge price in the name of cultural past. Every wrong deed cannot be painted with the same brush if some one has committed a crime, instead of blindly supporting the act, people should come forward and support the law enforcing agencies to nail the culprit. I feel ashamed to say that in spite of having centuries old culture, teachings and other values, still, the act of going on a rampage to defend a culprit shows that how morally degrading society are we becoming.

Dark skin means failure?

dark girl 2



In the last 20 years globally the beauty market has grown by an average CAGR of 14.5% with annual growth rate range bound between 3% to 5.5%.Out of the total share, 72% has come from the mass segment and remaining 28% came from premium segment. Regions like north America, Latin America, and Asia pacific and western Europe contributed towards the major chunk of the sales, But sales of cosmetics have seen significant raise in the BRIC countries as well. The cosmetics brands globally spends huge sum of money to promote their products featuring favorite actresses and sports stars, Cosmetics brands is seeing phenomenal spike in their  earnings, which keeps them  throwing money on advertisements , As long as they believe their lies a  huge opportunity to make many of Women & man insecure about their look and skin colour, the market for their  products is still wide and large. Racial segregation based on skin, attributing success to people with more lighter skin are taboos getting more into the minds of the dark skinned people. So generally people with dark skinned complexion want to make their skin look lighter, or even getting to the skin tone of the white people. So the drive to make skin lighter is what drives the profits of these cosmetic manufacturing companies.

History is the major culprit

If you go back to the period of European colonialism , sowed the seeds of white supremacy over black, Those periods black skinned people were considered as only slaves  to the white dominating class, so structurally they  had treated black people as inferior in all aspects, given them fewer opportunities, employed them in farm fields followed by treatment which is inhuman in all respects.  This enslavement created the urge in their minds to raise from the lower position, The miscegenation is racial mixing of various social groups through sexual exploitation of white male slave owners resulted in mixed race individuals with more African & European ancestry. This is the most critical moment in history where supremacy for white skinned people over the black, The treatment they have meted out to their slaves, even light skinned people were given less strenuous jobs, and dark skinned people were given tough jobs. They started preference to white skin over the black skin. So the perception of success largely to lighter and white skinned people.

Beauty means white skin

Even though we are living in the 21st century with large scale advancement in technology and scientific progress, the stains of the past still is accepted as the trend for success, if you are white skinned your lifestyle, position and status in the society is almost guaranteed , that means naturally if you are white or light skinned your success ratio  is far higher than the black skinned people. This wrongly conceived narrative of success linked to skin color became the social norm. So for a cosmetic or beauty enhancement brands require just to brush up &  polish this old thinking, narrative to the best effect by converting them into sales.

The ingredients used in manufacturing skin bleaching cosmetics are harmful to the body and health. But the sad part of the story is the cosmetics industry globally thrives on the insecurity created in the minds of the people with a dark complexion. The psychological effect created by this false propaganda is to create heightened social insecurity, lack of self-esteem, low belief on their self-confidence. So high time we all need to be alert and believe that more than the external appearance, the real beauty lies in one’s heart, success is purely on ability and competency not to be judged by the color of your skin.  I think market forces wants you to think primitive, even though as a  human species we survived many onslaughts and came a cropper.


The Vanishing Black African Woman: Volume Two: A Compendium of the Global By Olumide, Yetunde Mercy

GLOBAL BEAUTY INDUSTRY TRENDS IN THE 21st CENTURY Aleksandra Łopaciuk Maria ,  Mirosław Łoboda Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland

A Transgender Mom in Vicks social Marketing campaign.

We often get attracted towards a product or a brand through its marketing strategy and  How their products are advertised through visual media platforms.We see many advertisement campaigns in television on various products and out of that few advertisements catch the imagination of viewers which sticks to consumers mind for a longer period of time. But beyond promoting a product, brands and its companies have a social commitment to develop a better society, so social marketing in this context holds more importance and credibility to its viewers &, consumers.Like many, this particular social media marketing advertisement conceived by Vicks caught my attention so deep in my heart. The campaign by Vicks highlights the need to recognize the rights of a  transgender. Throughout the Ad, the message is very loud &clear the need for general acceptance of transgender community’s  rights for a decent dignified living. On the backdrop of the recent judgment By the apex court recognizes the transgender as a third gender, has given the transgender community a much-needed relief, after years of legal battle to ascertain their rights. But the society at large is not willing to accept this marginalized community to come to the mainstream. Still, the majority of us consider the sight of a Hijra as a bad omen, we don’t offer them any help or support while in trouble, So for many centuries, they were facing neglect, mistreatment & denial. The majority is still of the view that it is not possible or not acceptable to live as a transgender, In our great mythologies, we have few characters who possess the body of a male, but behaved and dressed like a woman. It is time at least that in the 21st century, society should behave responsibly by accepting them as one among us by treating them with respect & dignity.

Campaign By Vicks

Through this campaign by Vicks, depicts a transgender woman who adopted the girl child had the right maternal instinct to raise a kid exactly with the same care, warmth like other females, later when the kids grow up, she wants to become a lawyer who wants to fight for her mother’s right. The message through this campaign is well crafted with right intention, which I am sure would touch one’s heart whoever watches it. Now let us all accept the fact that we need to change our mindset for a common good of the society. Ms. Gauri Sawant the transgender women in the campaign epitomizes the Bold women who faced many odds in real life. She has shown instincts of a mother who can look after & raise a child like any other mother in this world.  She is currently associated with a trust “ Humsafar” meant for LGBTQ in Mumbai.

Youtube video link:

Great campaign with a powerful message.

Such campaigns should become more common in public sphere which sends out a strong message by educating and empowering the society, the privileges, and rights enjoyed by us are not ours alone. We cannot keep them away from their rights similar to what we enjoy in the society, it is our responsibility to make them grow with opportunities as we enjoy. Time has come to believe that they have the similar abilities & talents as we do. We cannot keep them always at brink just because they appear differently.I think corporates has a moral responsibility towards the society which is beyond the usual notion of promoting consumption of their products and deriving profits out of it. Beyond their usual business, initiatives on important social issues can be promoted using social marketing campaigns.Each one of us has a responsibility to change the way society behaves and for better tomorrow we have to think and act responsibly.

Gritty acid attack survivor walks the Ramp.


Reshma Bano Qureshi an Acid attack survivor  exemplifies the greatness of gritty young women who stands tall among the crowd  with incredible presence of  mind . She sent  a strong message to the world community  that   such cowardly act ends  in creating a   deep scar on her face , but couldn’t do anything  to   disfigure or rattle  her presence of mind.  After the incident, She felt even more confident and beautiful  in her mind .  She sends a very strong and socially important message to all the victims that  it takes a lot of minds to remain confident in her inner self and exhibited her true beautiness of her mind . More than the physical appearance  what matters most is her mind’s  unflinching strength.

She is undeterred.

The offender who splashed acid on her face should feel that his cowardly act cannot deter her from living  , she showcased to the world  that there is something more and beyond the physical appearance and beauty. Generally,  individuals who survived such harrowing incident limit herself to four walls of  the   house . But she has  shown the audacity to move along in life, keeping the memories of horrible incident behind, it is very easy to write and preach , but really make  it happen on the ground takes a lot of courage, inner strength and belief in oneself.  The cruelty and stigma in the society would have forced her to take her life, But she epitomized her inner boldness that nothing could stop her  from living, nobody can put her to shame.

An inspiration.

The remarkable character to fight it out and come victorious in the game of life is nothing short than a feat , She kept herself confident , like anybody in this society she deserves the right to live , live a  life without fear. The decision to continue  without any negativity is a true testimony to   fight all odds and accomplish oneself  without mowed  down to  fate. Society and people consider such cowardly acts as a fate , never bothers to help them overcome it. She just dislodged all misconceptions and shown that in spite of going through all this , if you have a bold mind  , you can still be more enchanting women  with such a lovely and beautiful mind.

New york Fashion Week on Thursday

Reshma Qureshi  on Thursday walked the ramp wearing the dress designed by Archana Kochhar at new york fashion week, Her walk on the ramp has sent a huge ripples in the society and world community at large , that  survivors of  horrible attacks  can live courageously , she has inspired each  of  the survivors in the society to come forward , told that she hate someone who calls her a victim,  she wore  a pink dress and lipstick and got her hair styled like her favourite actress Katrina kaif.

Make Love , Not Scars

She is associated with an NGO “Make love, not scars “ help her to get emboldened in life to fight for justice , decided not to cover her face anymore. She modeled for a campaign # End acid scale, which became a superb hit.  The great presence of her mind led her campaign for the support for such victims  by expressing her solidarity with them. She is an amazing woman . She wants to share the world this message that “ Make your heart beautiful” Beauty is not about how you look. A standing salutes to this young 19-year-old women.

Youtube link:

Does women has the right to pray?

Women climbing up stairs on Matangesvara temple. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India

Do we need to allow and follow the age old traditions  of not allowing women to offer her prayers in a sanctum santorum. It is widely believed that  the presence of women  near to the deity is considered as   impure, So  it became an age old practice to  deny them  entry into certain temples in India purely on the logic that women menstruate, so considered  them impure to visit the temple to offer her prayers  to  the deity. So naturally the question  of “Equality before the law “ comes to fore, if the constitution says that there shouldn’t be any discrimination on the basis of Sex, both male and female is equal before the law, also enjoys equal rights. So if that is the case then women should be allowed to visit the temple like men do. But most of the time discussion revolves around age-old tradition and practices as the sole reason which still disallows women to enter the temple.  So the next question  which comes to the mind is Should we allow the age old tradition to supersede the fundamental rights enshrined in our constitution is a something which needs to discuss seriously, a consensus needs to be evolved in the coming years. Constitutionally or as per the law of the land, if women want to visit  a temple  to offer her prayers to the deity, she should be  legally allowed  to do so. The Most visible disconnect which is largely there in our Hindu culture, we know that we  worship goddess like Saraswati, Kali & Parvathi  then why such discrimination to women by not permitting them to worship the deity in Sabarimala, one of the major temple in south India, like this certain temples in India don’t permit women to enter.

Historically  over many centuries  the  patriarchal  system of society  was   male dominated, so to have a control over the women by subjugating them  with  several restrictions, forced  them to lead an inferior  life when compared  to men. The ulterior motive to coin such tradition or practices was  to put women under men’s control. The effective or easier way is to impose certain restrictions in the name of traditions. But who framed  that tradition? it is clear that the  male dominated population was the architect of such illogical practices. But in Hindu philosophy Vedas are considered as the most divine, all prevailing collection of wisdom where such restrictive practices of  gender discrimination   could never be found.  The section of the people who raise their voices against permitting the women to enter the temple is not in the position to give convincing reasons to deny the permission, all they could say was “Age-old Tradition”. Same applies to those days when the sathi system was in practice  So  as a society it’s clearly a matter of collective consciousness to  find a reasonable solution to this  unending confusion to  allow women the permission into the temple.

We have reached a situation where the society especially the temple administration, important people who represent those bodies sit and revisit those traditional practices. We cannot keep on denying women’s right to worship, Supreme court of the land has asked to review the practices, sought the reasons to deny their permission. The society and its practices needs to get evolved with time, if their general demand from women’s community on this issue, I think the competent authorities cannot remain oblivious to the general mood, keep on harping back to the past tradition, practices& rituals as the only reason for the continued stand on denying  them the  permission . Most of the practices which have been followed over centuries might be suited to those days. Time has come to change and review these primitive traditions, allow the women the equal rights to worship as men. Our culture of Sanatana dharma represents the entire worldview, way of life and with a coherent and rational view of reality. So let’s all follow and practice that hindu dharma by  becoming  ideal to other religions also.