Election battle 2019

Coming elections in 2019 are going to be one hell of a fight between the ruling NDA headed by Modi versus the already divided opposition fighting for survival to stay relevant in the national politics. But in the last four years since BJP came to power in 2014, it has been making consistent inroads into … Continue reading Election battle 2019


The Unequal Growth

Over last many decades' world has moved to a trajectory of faster economic growth, but so-called higher economic growth cannot solve the persisting problem of inequality among the marginalized, poor, scheduled caste and scheduled tribes in the rural parts of the second largest populated country in the world. We have witnessed the case of third … Continue reading The Unequal Growth

Fourth Industrial revolution, Advantages &Perils

Our future according to Yuval Noah Harari, a lecturer at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, in his new book "Homo Deus" says " more of us will be pushed out of employment by intelligent robots and on to the economic scrap heap". Yes, we are on the cusp of imminent change with the advent of … Continue reading Fourth Industrial revolution, Advantages &Perils

Development and its false notions.

We as the citizens of this country has been aspiring for development, Everybody wants to see our country's progress because right for a decent living with minimum amenities in place to satisfy our needs is democratic rights of each and every citizen of this country. We vote candidates from different political parties based on plank … Continue reading Development and its false notions.

In the pursuit of happiness

Happiness is scientifically defined as a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to immense joy. According to Buddhist teaching, ultimate happiness can only be achieved if one disowns his or her craving for material pleasure, In 2012 world happiness report came into being which evaluates subjective … Continue reading In the pursuit of happiness

What Social progress index can reveal?

  In 1931 Simon Smith Kuznets an American national, Economist introduced the empirical methodology Called ” Gross Domestic Product “ The same GDP has dominated the world economy for the last 80years, it measures how much a nation produces in terms of goods and services within a country’s geographical boundaries. GDP over a period of … Continue reading What Social progress index can reveal?