Fourth Industrial revolution, Advantages &Perils

Our future according to Yuval Noah Harari, a lecturer at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, in his new book "Homo Deus" says " more of us will be pushed out of employment by intelligent robots and on to the economic scrap heap". Yes, we are on the cusp of imminent change with the advent of … Continue reading Fourth Industrial revolution, Advantages &Perils


Unabated exploitation for water

When we are going through severe drought crisis and farmers suicide across India,  to impose a ban on the US-basedbeverage manufactures  Coco cola and Pepsi in Tamil Nadu is nothing but a decision in the right direction to signal an end to the exploitatation  done to natural resources by these  Global manufacturers.  But certainly these … Continue reading Unabated exploitation for water

The Rise of water as a Precious commodity

We often ignore or would like to overlook the fact that how much water as resource becoming  scarce and precious one , due to the increasing global demand from developed and developing nations. The consumption of water  is set to increase from 4500 cubic kilometers in 2010 to 6350 cubic kilometers in 2030. The significant … Continue reading The Rise of water as a Precious commodity