Election battle 2019

Election 2019Coming elections in 2019 are going to be one hell of a fight between the ruling NDA headed by Modi versus the already divided opposition fighting for survival to stay relevant in the national politics. But in the last four years since BJP came to power in 2014, it has been making consistent inroads into the polity of this country through winning elections in state after the state and has successfully vested control in almost all states in India. The kind of surge in popularity enjoyed by Modi combined with successful election-winning strategies employed by shah combine has paid rich dividends for the BJP in forming govt in Hindi heartlands and in northeastern states. On the other hand, Congress as a national party in the opposition ranks has been fumbling and limbing to survive in national politics. The grand old party has witnessed a steady decrease in their popularity in many states with no proper leadership at play. However, it is also equally important to underline the fact that ruling govt has been giving enough ammunition for the opposition to rally against the govt on many issues of national importance, but on most of the occasions they have successfully allowed the issues to go down the drain without creating any opportunities to take on the government head-on. So 2019 loksabha election is going to be very exciting to watch and difficult to predict.
The Modi as a person came to the national scene and fought the elections in 2014 with grand promises, high optics election campaigning which had really caught the imagination of the youth and middle class. The PM Modi has ushered and promised many changes to take the nation forward economically and socially.But now the term of Mr Modi has reached a flash point where people of this country can reflect upon what he had promised and what actually he has delivered. In the last four years of this Govt performance versus its achievements on the ground simply don’t match, that is the hardcore reality faced by the electorates across the states. But the question remains how far an opposition led by Congress can take advantage of this situation and use this lackadaisical performance of this govt to the masses. It is pretty clear that the if  Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi can provide an alternative narrative then it is going to be a very close fight between powerful Modi versus a weak reluctant young scion from Gandhi family. The recently anointed president Mr Rahul Gandhi has been considered a leader who is weak in the eyes of the ruling party. But he has slowly started showing the maturity to take on Modi. Being a  leader the grand old party  Mr Gandhi needs to travel more to take on the might of Modi. But in politics, it is too premature to write off somebody and it is very difficult to gauge the sentiments of the people of this country. Though many surveys predict a second term for Modi with a reduced majority, this time many previously existing issues of farmers have reached its nadir with no room left for govt to manage and on top of it issues like unemployment and Dalit protests might play the spoilsport for the Modi govt to come back to power. The more interesting scenario which has already started developing on the Horizon are threats faced by regional parties from BJP to retain their strongholds in their respective states, this would force the regional leaders to come under common fold to take on BJP. But BJP as a party would like to see the opposition ranks to remain as a divided house. So the coming battle for 2019 is going to be a tough one post the implementation of demonetisation and hasty implementation of GST.


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