Advani a Guru who got sidelined


The expectations on nominating MR  Lal Krishna Advani as the 14th president of India were doing the rounds when BJP came to power in 2014 under the leadership of  Mr. Narendra Modi. But on 19th June when BjP announced the Name of Mr. Ram Nath kovind as their presidential nominee has left many of the party supporters like me surprised and shocked , Certainly the move has created enough rifts in the opposition camps and would continue to happen in the coming days. The Congress the major opposition party has been harboring the hopes to make the presidential election a close contest through the support garnered from like-minded parties. But Modi and Amith Shah combine left everyone awestruck by choosing a not so familiar personality like Ram nath kovind .  The move to pick a  Dalit face is certainly aimed at sending a larger political message that, BJP as a national party cares for the interest of Dalit community.

But as a citizen of India and  BJP supporter, I had been admiring the leadership qualities of Advani well before the Modi’s rise to prominence. Mr. Advani worked strenuously to convert the  BJP from its incubation stage to a party of national stature, also successfully ruled the nation under the leadership of Mr. Vajpayee. As a leader, Advani played the second fiddle role, complemented well with  Vajpayee, also was successful in keeping the  NDA constituents together for 5 years.   If we take any high-profile leader now in the present cabinet, all of them grew under the wings of Mr. Advani , The Advani has developed and nurtured the second rung leadership in BJP when he was controlling or calling the shots in the party. So certainly as a token of dakishna to his Mentor  MR Modi should have shown the courtesy to return it back by supporting the candidature of Mr. Advani as a Guru Dakishna. It is well-known fact that after the Gujarat riots in 2008, Vajpayee had insisted  Modi to resign from CM post by following Raj Dharm, It was Mr. Advani who supported Modi to continue as CM. In the Book, “My country and My life” authored by LK Advani, the strong character and commitment to our Bharath was evident when he stood rock solid without moving an inch by not allowing the Agra summit to go through when Musharaf visited  India in July 2001. He is also one among the earlier RSS pracharak to travel across the length and breadth of this nation to strengthen the party to its present form.

 Advani is man of principles who is equally against promoting dynasty politics, He could have easily pursued her Son and daughter to join politics and later either of them could become a minister in Modi’s cabinet. When one of the reporters asked this question to  Advani why did your son or daughter become a politician? he strongly replied that he is against dynasty politics. Advani as a leader have passed his prime , he nurtured the dreams to become PM of India , hard luck when BJP lost to congress in 2009  and later  in 2014 when RSS was trying to project Modi as PM candidate Advani in very clear terms opposed  him  ,But ultimately RSS diktat finally came a cropper .

The change in Advani to project himself from a hardline hindutva leader to soft irked the RSS and the only mistake Mr Advani had committed in his long and successful political career was  his words of praise on Jinnah in Pakistan , which has really held Advani as a bad guy in the books of RSS, their after RSS had sidelined Advani to such an extent that he lost his say and prominence in the party. Once Advani was considered as the ultimate Voice in the party , Now things have come full circle that his blue-eyed disciple  Mr Modi has used everything under his command to side line his own guru who taught the tricks of the trade and party’s ideological moorings.  But as an individual, my  affinity  towards BJP and its ideology took birth when I found a bold and principled leader  like Advani . One thing is sure you cannot always reign like  a king , But Presidential post would have been the best gift Modi could have offered  to Advani when he is on the last leg of his political journey.


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