Is Modi invincible?

Image source :Economic timesSince 2014 Everything is going right in favor of Modi his rise to the top at 7 race course road in new Delhi is marked with shrewd political acumen and whipping the air with changes and ideas. Many detractors of Modi were hoping that 2017 assembly elections in UP would put a stop to Modi’s winning streak, but eventually when results have announced the magnitude of his victory is more than the party has hoped for. All the anti-Modi factions including the congress cannot even put up any show of resistance to Modi’s popularity The only debacle Modi faced was in Bihar after swiftly formed Maha GadaBandhan played the spoilsport in Modi’s victory ambition, Now in recently concluded  MCD elections in Delhi, they have defeated Kejriwal by hands down. The success of BJP in making huge inroads in northeastern states where the party had no roots or presence, The clout, aura Modi commands among the public is a testament to his victories one after the another. If we closely analyze the success of BJP, it is purely on account of his personality and mass appeal due to his clarion call for a New India.

What is going right for Modi?

Since Independence no political leader other than  Indira Gandhi commanded such a mass appeal like Modi, He clearly shows that he is in control of the ship and like the true dictator he commands absolute control over the party affairs and his cabinet.

The Modi truly likes to speak in large gatherings, and proven many times he is versatile orator , knows what to speak and how to speak , He perfectly uses newly coined terms like Digital India, start up India , sabkha saath sab ka Vikas, he always speaks positively about change he wish to make for India . He is equally adept at taking the mass crowd along with him even while taking potshots against the opposition he uses his skills to the best effect.

The reasons are many but let me put across certain positive factors   largely in favor of  Modi

  1. Modi always speak about dreams  and ideas to change India, and he is able to connect his dreams to common people’s  sentiment effectively
  2.  People of this nation were fed up with kind of politics which is been played by the opposition in the last two decades, so everyone is hoping for change and people really started to believe that changes they expected are slowly started to fructify.
  3. Modi effort to demonetise the currencies went largely in favor to him which in fact helped him to consider by the people as a decisive strong leader, who would root out corruption.
  4. In the last three years, the role of the opposition is been limited, Modi is, in fact, successful in keeping the opposition as divided house, even when cow vigilantes running amok, no party in the opposition could raise it as an issue.
  5. The charisma modi commands is the major xfactor which other leaders in the opposition cannot match up, or no body could be seen on the horizon to challenge his popular image.
  6.  Modi likes attending public rallies and most of the time he uses rallies as a platform for making new announcements or taking the opposition down.
  7.  His attire, style and energy also earned him as hardworking PM who works 24×7 with unmatched energy and enthusiasm.
  8.  Inspite of RSS and other fringe elements running freely by making controversial statements , people are not bothered much about  beef ban , cow vigilantism or Anti Romeo squad , people’s belief on Modi is strong with a lot of positivity.
  9.  Even though in last three years this govt has messed up a lot of things , but the narrative popularized by Modi is widely accepted by the masses.

So I think at present Modi is invisible and opposition has run out of Ideas to pose as countervailing force to his popularity. So in 2019 elections to counter Modi the usual secular approach, minority appeasement will not find any favor, the more they point Modi stronger he becomes, So only hope to counter Modi is building up an alternative narrative.



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