A Transgender Mom in Vicks social Marketing campaign.

We often get attracted towards a product or a brand through its marketing strategy and  How their products are advertised through visual media platforms.We see many advertisement campaigns in television on various products and out of that few advertisements catch the imagination of viewers which sticks to consumers mind for a longer period of time. But beyond promoting a product, brands and its companies have a social commitment to develop a better society, so social marketing in this context holds more importance and credibility to its viewers &, consumers.Like many, this particular social media marketing advertisement conceived by Vicks caught my attention so deep in my heart. The campaign by Vicks highlights the need to recognize the rights of a  transgender. Throughout the Ad, the message is very loud &clear the need for general acceptance of transgender community’s  rights for a decent dignified living. On the backdrop of the recent judgment By the apex court recognizes the transgender as a third gender, has given the transgender community a much-needed relief, after years of legal battle to ascertain their rights. But the society at large is not willing to accept this marginalized community to come to the mainstream. Still, the majority of us consider the sight of a Hijra as a bad omen, we don’t offer them any help or support while in trouble, So for many centuries, they were facing neglect, mistreatment & denial. The majority is still of the view that it is not possible or not acceptable to live as a transgender, In our great mythologies, we have few characters who possess the body of a male, but behaved and dressed like a woman. It is time at least that in the 21st century, society should behave responsibly by accepting them as one among us by treating them with respect & dignity.

Campaign By Vicks

Through this campaign by Vicks, depicts a transgender woman who adopted the girl child had the right maternal instinct to raise a kid exactly with the same care, warmth like other females, later when the kids grow up, she wants to become a lawyer who wants to fight for her mother’s right. The message through this campaign is well crafted with right intention, which I am sure would touch one’s heart whoever watches it. Now let us all accept the fact that we need to change our mindset for a common good of the society. Ms. Gauri Sawant the transgender women in the campaign epitomizes the Bold women who faced many odds in real life. She has shown instincts of a mother who can look after & raise a child like any other mother in this world.  She is currently associated with a trust “ Humsafar” meant for LGBTQ in Mumbai.

Youtube video link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q4PkSth0FQ

Great campaign with a powerful message.

Such campaigns should become more common in public sphere which sends out a strong message by educating and empowering the society, the privileges, and rights enjoyed by us are not ours alone. We cannot keep them away from their rights similar to what we enjoy in the society, it is our responsibility to make them grow with opportunities as we enjoy. Time has come to believe that they have the similar abilities & talents as we do. We cannot keep them always at brink just because they appear differently.I think corporates has a moral responsibility towards the society which is beyond the usual notion of promoting consumption of their products and deriving profits out of it. Beyond their usual business, initiatives on important social issues can be promoted using social marketing campaigns.Each one of us has a responsibility to change the way society behaves and for better tomorrow we have to think and act responsibly.


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