Modi chariot’s galloping run


narendra-modi in a chariotModi steered his chariot’s to an unimaginable  victory, with no ominous sign of any major opposition to its dream run. As everyone termed the assembly elections in the largest state of UP as the biggest of all elections, where BJP has clearly emerged victorious with no contenders to challenge the thier  supremacy. Now with this Victory under its belt,  BJP as a party has successfully established its prominence in the Hindi heartland after a long period, the verdict clearly shows that 2019 national elections would become an easy cake walk for Narendra Modi. At least many of them expected that the triangular fight between BJP, SP-Cong, and BSP would be a close contest because UP as a state is known for its cast combinations and with significant Dalit and Muslim populations. But the final result clearly blown away all such assumptions, voters exhibited a greater confidence in the leadership of Modi.

Ever since after the Modi’s biggest and unexpected demonetization drive on November 8th, elections in UP was considered as the biggest referendum on the Demo, But Namo with his magic has  proved that everything is wrong, Still he enjoys a very popular support in the minds of the Voters, They still believed  had  faith in Modi’s leadership  even  though  people were put under  several hardships due to demonization.  Opposition parties were given an opportunity to rally the voters in UP against BJP, but the result has shown that BJP’s thumping victory is nothing but the lesser impact of demonetization on people’s verdict in favor of BJP.

Several exit polls and the pre-poll survey has shown that BJP was going to emerge as the single largest party in UP, But the final result proved everyone wrong, clearly the Modi’s charisma and personality has turned the tide into a larger tsunami in favor of  Lotus. Time and again Modi is been proving that  he is the poster Boy of  BJP, even after being in power at center for more than 2 &half years with no major achievements to be proud of , But  voters preferred  Modi, because it   is largely attributed to his unchallenging supremacy as a mass leader and no major opponents  at this moment  to dethrone his  popularity . Clearly, the victory shows that BJP would be the undisputable party while going to polls in 2019. It is going to take a lot of sweat on the opposition parties like congress and others to challenge Modi’s dream run.  Currently, no opposition parties both national, as well as regional parties, has the ammunition to challenge the larger development-oriented agenda put forwarded by Modi,

But the reality is that economically demonization drive had already done enough damage to the rural and small scale industries, but turning it politically against Modi didn’t find any favor among the masses. People still believe that the decision by Modi epitomizes the characteristics of a  strong and decisive leader,  which was a right move to arrest the flow of black money.

The biggest irony is that as an age-old party congress is down and out in the electoral landscape of Indian politics, Rahul Gandhi as a  leader is proving no match to his rival Modi’s popularity, to counter his growing popularity it takes congress and other opposition parties a hell  lot of hard work to be  done,  if they want to be  in the reckoning  at least in the 2024 Loka sabha elections.

The people of this country wants change, development, Modi as a leader has everything going in his favor to sell exactly the right flavor the way people expects. The alternate narrative of a strong and decisive leader in Modi is what people expects, Modi had proven to them that he is the most bankable leader who is ruling the nation at present, continues to do so in the coming years.

I think the trend of vote bank politics in India is fading away, people of this nation needs change, tinkering with minority vote bank politics is no more going to be the rule but an exception. The aspirations are slowing growing among the common people, so any leader who can match those expectations is the real favorite, Modi is really successful in catapulting himself into that league steadily, The real success of the BJP is the Modi’s  command and control mode of functioning.


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