Jallikatu a Hysteria?

jallikattu-1After center’s intervention, the supreme court has delayed the verdict on the Ban of Bull taming festival “Jallikattu”. The petition is based on the 2014 petition filed by PETA. In the last couple of days, massive solidarity expressed by various well-known personalities from the film fraternity and people from other walks of life came openly to revoke the ban on Jallikatu imposed by the highest court of the land. But the recent days we are able to witness massive protest from the common people against the ban. I am surprised to see how did this huge support in favor of the ban got materialized. Is this becoming a political issue for the ruling party to make the protest so popular, or is this a carefully planned move to mobilize such support against the top court’s decision. The people expressing the Jallikkatu event as traditional sports in rural parts of TamilNadu, they are of the opinion that it is been ages since Tamil community as a part of their tradition is been conducting the local sports, so now such an imposition of ban on this local sports amounts to loss of their tradition and their centuries long identity.  How far this popular narrative is true is something which needs to be introspected.  Was there a deep-rooted political interest in mobilizing the public support for such an issue, I think the answer to such question is yet to come out in the open. But one thing why do we need such a sports which treat animal badly, whether be it in the name of sports or tradition such way of treating an animal shouldn’t be allowed to continue. The justification to support the Jalikkatu as a sport is not right, when something is wrong means it is necessarily wrong. Every year when this event takes place many people who took part in this event got hurt or dead, more over the bull which runs when released among the close crowds gets injured, So when this happens every time why does the people still wants to continue supporting the event.  The responsibilities of the govt in Tamilnadu irrespective of their ideology never wants to go against the popular sentiments of the people, the party in power wants to take political mileage out of it by conveniently forgetting the lives which had lost during the event.

When the top court of India banned the sports suddenly people starts protesting against the ban and have started invoking the issues like the pride of the state, the tradition so on and so forth As per observation by the court this sport is  dangerous both for the human and bull, Most of the people who came out in the open to support is middle class and younger population . The most interesting part of the protest is that large number of people congregated in Marina beach are not even aware of the traditional sports and its origins, moreover this sports is played only in certain parts of Tamilnadu.

To preserve the native breed of Bulls.

Another logic to support the Jallikatu, which is famously doing rounds is to retain the native humped bull called Zebu, So to keep the bulls in existence the Jallikatu is very much needed. But the massive support erupted even from cities like Chennai shows that show of strength was not actually sentimental but most of the crowds who came to the marina beach are purely whipped up passion due to wide-scale circulation in social media and twitter handles. No support is seen forthcoming to support the cause of farmers in Tamil Nadu there are reports of wide scale farmers suicide due to crops failing due to bad monsoon and or not releasing the water promised to TN from Cauvery. These incidents show without any substance people and youngsters seems to be going behind emotions.


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