Verdict of demonetisation is out in the open

My Rumblings.


source :Indian express

Certainly, by far in the history of governance in India, the move to demonetize currencies of the higher denomination by Modi govt is to be seen as a major disruption to the economy which is already reeling under a lot of problems. Economist and political pundits across the spectrum have hailed it as Short term pain with long term gain, But nobody knows how long it takes to set the business as usual when demand and unemployment rates in the economy are already seeing severe stress and strain. It was thought that bitter pill of demonization would be easier to swallow and things would get back to normalcy after some time but now it is almost sure that the self-infused crisis by the govt take more months to get  back to normalcy , But the deadline sought by Modi to sort out things in order is already nearing its…

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