Reluctant yet very powerful Ms, Jayalalitha

Contemporary political history In India would  render no value  if anyone overlooks the relevance of a  personality like Jayalalitha one of the most powerful women leader , who had  risen to the prominence  from male-dominated patriarchal society . The Dravidian politics in the state of Tamilnadu  is still strongly entrenched in personality cult and excessive reverence , But the Journey of  young lady who was so good in her studies has no other option but to leave the academics  forced herself into the world  of cinema and went on to act in more than  100 movies  , has been an  excellent dancer,  and paired with  famous actor MGR    in many movies , great orator ,  showed a great amount of success in movies along with MGR , She always wants to be lawyer or doctor but her fate has  scripted  a different story for her ,  reluctantly plunged into Dravidian politics once ruled by late  MGR  and  DMK supremo Karunanidhi  . But her road to politics was, even more, thornier than ever , many of her opponents unleashed series of criticism to weaken her resolve , But the gritty lady has  found a solid footing among the coterie of man . Her opponents mostly men used all the available tricks to throw out from the mainstream , But no such oppositions or sets backs could unshackle steely resolve to fight the battle came victorious one after the other successfully.

In her political career since 1980’s she faced several allegations of corruption amassing wealth not in the proposition to her income , but this  skill full lady executed  her political options so deftly which no one could ever think of. Political commentators have written her off many times  when she faced allegations , but  Amma or purachi thallavi ( Mother or revolutionary ) as she was fondly known , she knows  how to play the cards better than anyone in Dravidian politics. She has shown to the world how his party members prostrated in front of her , how the Interim CM Mr. Paneer Selvam refused to sit  on the CM chair which was used by Amma when she was sent to jail , such is the respect and fear Jayaliatha wielded over her party members.

Amma for the masses.

She has initiated a lot of welfare measures directed to benefit the poor , like Amma canteen , Amma medicines and many more measures to help the girl child . She ruled the state through her  closeable civil servants , not through her fellow party man. She has declared open enmity .even had plans to  play the role of national leader and was eyeing the PM chair.  It is well known to the world Modi and Jayalalithaa shared good cordial friendly relationship but never hesitated to criticize the  central Govt , the recent example being the objection she had raised on GST . I think no other political leader in Tamil Nadu can match her skill to attract huge crowds during the public rallies. Yes now it is  sure that  AIDMK has lost  its the torch bearer &  charismatic leader, she had never allowed anyone rise to the ranks , Now it remaining to be seen how far the AIDMK can survive together as one party and be in power  for another 4 and half years. Can Sasiakala late CM close friend would become the ultimate authority to control the affairs of the party, It remains to be seen how far the vacuum created due to Jaya’s demise is going to dent the AIDMK image among the people. But the legacy of astute leadership led by Jaya is no more , it remains to be seen anybody from film fraternity  would into rank and file of the party become a prominent  face of the party.


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