RS 500 crores wedding Splurge.

Amidst all the furor  about  demonization , last week the country has witnessed a big fat wedding of a Mining barons’ daughter Mr. Janardhan reddy, the worth of money spend for    just 48 hours  ceremony  seen him throwing mammoth  500crs which is almost quarter  of a money  earmarked to  a state’s budget for a financial year. The mining baron has shown no bones to spend 500 crores  when the country as whole is seeing serpentine crowds in front of the bank and ATMs for their daily needs . The whole announcement of demonetization exercise is been made a mockery by the rich and powerful . This is the true picture of  a country with  1.2 billion people  who  embodies the stark reality of have and have nots.

When our PM is shedding crocodile tears  by  reiterating his responsibility to poor and needy by  hailing his action of invalidating the legal  tenders as invalid ,  PM Modi claims  that his move to will   root out all black money from  the economy and eventually would  resurrect our  financial system  by curbing all illegal activities  raised out of black money. The whole media is singing   the chorus  to the  lyrics written by our PM. Difficulties faced by the poorest of the poor , small-scale farmers and traders in mandis are mere difficulties which are going to be there for short period  of time.  But the narrative of larger national interest is  getting more traction in the days of heightened nationalism. The reports claim that banks are  flush with funds and inflow of money to  the accounts would help the banks to post stronger CASA growth .  But very few in the government  had conveniently ignored or selective amnesia   has taken hold of their consciousness to  forget where   the  actual source of    black money lies  .  But govt are  more generous in offering more   sops  to corporates  through tax holidays , tax-free business  zones , Participatory notes  investments in capital markets , delayed  reforms in tax policy , allowing wealth to accumulate in tax heavens

Establishment  for wealthier to become more  wealthier

The  process of turning illegitimate to legitimate  wealth  through various routes  was an  open truth which administrators and politicians know  it better ,  they have a very stronger role in facilitating the conversions to happen  in converting this money from unaccounted money to  accounted source  .We elect them through a democratic process which legitimizes  them to take   decisions favoring few and burdening the majority  .  In the world of today and the  kind of  politics which  is played out in the open , what matters more  is the image , than the substance of the actions which is being pursued . The majority of the population  without any reservations has started believing that  demonetization is going to do a great deal of good for the nation. All those rich and elites  are   laughs  in silent seeing   the desperation of the  common people waiting in the  queue for long  hours   with no respite  . they anxiously waiting to secure whatever little they have earned  during their lifetime.

Pseudo nationalism

Govt of the day speaks  like a tuglaq ruler in character  advising the millions of poor and daily laborers  to transact in digital platforms and mobile apps, at least the idea would have sounded good if  half of the rural sector are adequately electrified , connectivity extended.  But govt is least bothered to think of the consequences of the larger section of people who have not seen a mobile , or not even having  bank account , whether they starved to death or struggle to make a living , The agenda of winning some brownie points to gain greater  political mileage is the effective motive behind such decisions.

If the govt is so serious about containing black money , the course of action should start from the tax evaders first, carry out severe surgical strikes against wealth stashed in tax heavens and more importantly  action from  their own house t by openly declare the source of funds received  by them . I am sure no party in India has that guts to  publicly declare their source of  funds.  The major chunk of  black  money which is roughly 6 to 12%  in circulation gets utilized   during  the time of the election .

Our nation   is known to produce millionaires every year  after year the list of the super-rich is going up like a steady curve. We as  a nation is seen behind in  several  social indicators which are even worse than sub-Saharan Africa . How  do  millionaires race to  become trillionaires , or can you just say that it is a mere part of India’s growth story and stable  GDP  growth ? This is the fallacy which  Modi knows well, but  when the ruling dispensation is hand in glows  with  1% of the population who controls 50 % of the wealth , what else can we expect from this act , The looters  and big corporate who enjoys all the power in the system can simply sit and watch the way drama unfolds , plight of the working  class is getting even worse after this move. After for all those who  struggle to have  their both ends meet  has  received another blow to their face , but for few, this  anarchy  is a blessing in disguise .The politics is the real winner who keeps the  majoritarian  fingers crossed.


7 thoughts on “RS 500 crores wedding Splurge.

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Instead of conducting raids against these giants they are busy squashing small buisness men and in their pursuit, making the poor people pay. The biggest tragedy is that many people are seeing this as a healthy move for nation,without realizing that actual result is next to zero


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