The Brexit moment for America


The 45th president of America Mr. Donald Trump victory over his democratic rival Hilary Clinton is certainly a Brexit moment for America. The reasons are many which leaves everyone by surprise .The popular narrative in American media has given Hilary significant edge over her republican rival Mr. Trump , The man with no political & administration experience caught the imagination of majority of the American , certainly during the campaign trail in last couple of months Mr Trump advocated for a stronger America by cancelling all transatlantic partnerships and treaties , openly criticized the Muslim community by enforcing stronger immigration laws , reduce outsourcing to third world countries and also the not so famous Obama care which has significantly increased the medical costs of the citizens America , all these issues were his major point of discussions throughout his campaign, The people of America were expecting a new lease of life , they thought inexperienced trump would be better bet than Hilary. So people decided to give trump a chance to become the 45th president of America .

Alarming Trend

The trend shows an alarming trend how the next coming years in America is going to be, Trump offered no radical or new ideas to tackle the situation currently faced by America . The world biggest power both in terms of economic and military might , but the internal situation of America is not that rosy as it seems to be in the last eight years of Obama rule has seen a significant increase in unemployment rate , declining economy and many forms of insecurity which has slowly led to their hopes getting dashed . The people above 40 s is finding their life difficult to live which led people to find trump as a savior to them.


Trump’s Trumpet


I think in the history of America’s elections , current election would go down in the books of the history as a nasty fight between rivals , allegations, and counter allegations were very funny to listen and watch, yet people felt that Trump was more realistic and close to the imagination of the majority of the population , assured the people to make country wealthier , sold dreams which he himself is not sure how he is going to achieve, But people drastically need a change in the way their country is doing business. The same pattern was visible when Britain voted in favor of an  exist from the euro. So bottom line is that neo-liberal and capitalist policies of America are slowly putting America off the track , ripple effect of this is becoming like a slam on the face of Americans. So protectionist narrative built by trump has reassured the people to Vote for him. The same parallels could be found when Modi fought the elections in 2014 , non-Hindus were considered as outsiders ruining the country , making India insecure, The same xenophobia was one factor which led to Modi’s thumping victory , the trend shows that right-wing policies are making people get more attracted towards it . But so far the victory of Trump was not on the expected lines , But this is how democracy behaves and how people make choices. But one thing is sure everybody is keeping their fingers crossed , how trump administration is going to behave , coming years is going to be years of instability , fear and deep divisions among different classes, races, and religion.


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