Aprilia SR 150 The quintessential Sports scooter.

img_20161030_124535For regular commuting inside the city traffic people always opts for two wheeler , because of the simple reason that it is easy to zip through the rush without much difficulty and moreover it is easy to find parking space for two wheeler than a four wheeler , So considering all these facts I have also decided to buy a two wheeler , So in pursuit to that I started visiting showrooms to shortlist one model, But this thought also has gone through to my mind to buy a brand new model which is different from the regular and popular models which I see regularly on the roads. So I heard Italian marquee Brand Aprilia has launched a new Model in India the Aprilia SR 150 , I have viewed almost all reviews on TV and websites and had found the new machine is attractive with better styling and looks. So after having a discussion about the model with my spouse , she also reciprocated in a unanimous voice. So we didn’t waste much of the time went ahead and booked the vehicle by paying token advance and waited for almost a month to get the delivery of the vehicle. In Kerala, the vehicle is priced at RS 82,000.

Now in the last one month, we both use this moto- scooter regularly for our day to day commuting , buying groceries and even sometimes I use the machine to go to my office which is around 30 km from my home. The experience so far as an owner of this Moto scooter is good and satisfying , The Aprilia has all the abilities to take you for a good distance ride and better handling while in chaotic traffic a usual sight on Indian roads. The scooter or the more technical description would be a Moto scooter , Unlike other models on the roads , this machine is powered by 150 cc engine , large 14-inch diameter wheels .

My experience with Aprilia SR 150

The large diameter tyre gives you the extra confidence while you are at higher speeds , The power delivery is very linear which gives you a better ride while on highways , The more interesting feel I experienced is while overtaking the big heavy vehicles on the highways is that the machine quickly responds to the throttle with a sporty noise and helps you pass the big vehicles easily. The ride on the machine is pretty good with better handling on higher speeds makes the riders experience more reverberating , The braking system is more effective and spot on . But still minor concerns remains that seating is not that comfortable if you ride for long hours you fee little uneasiness on your lower part of your body, lesser space available to keep things on the front and the normal helmet won’t fit under the  hood . But overall this machine is good better for Indian conditions with a responsive shock absorber in the front & rear,  It  delivers reasonably good mileage per kilometre . So, anybody who is looking to buy a new scooter , Aprilia SR 150 is a better choice which you can consider if you want a scooter with exhibits the cues of a bike , with ample power to make the ride a  comfortable one.

A different feel altogether

The Aprilia SR 150 is a  better machine among the lots available right now in the market which is crowded with many ranges of offerings from different Two wheeler manufacturers . The Aprilia is currently owned by Piaggio , for time being it is being sold through the Vespa outlets across India, In future company is planning to come out with exclusive showrooms for Aprilia . That means many more models  with  state of art superbikes from this makers might add to  their list in India . So if you are on the lookout for a quintessential scooter superbike Aprilia SR 150 is the answer.


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