Gritty acid attack survivor walks the Ramp.


Reshma Bano Qureshi an Acid attack survivor  exemplifies the greatness of gritty young women who stands tall among the crowd  with incredible presence of  mind . She sent  a strong message to the world community  that   such cowardly act ends  in creating a   deep scar on her face , but couldn’t do anything  to   disfigure or rattle  her presence of mind.  After the incident, She felt even more confident and beautiful  in her mind .  She sends a very strong and socially important message to all the victims that  it takes a lot of minds to remain confident in her inner self and exhibited her true beautiness of her mind . More than the physical appearance  what matters most is her mind’s  unflinching strength.

She is undeterred.

The offender who splashed acid on her face should feel that his cowardly act cannot deter her from living  , she showcased to the world  that there is something more and beyond the physical appearance and beauty. Generally,  individuals who survived such harrowing incident limit herself to four walls of  the   house . But she has  shown the audacity to move along in life, keeping the memories of horrible incident behind, it is very easy to write and preach , but really make  it happen on the ground takes a lot of courage, inner strength and belief in oneself.  The cruelty and stigma in the society would have forced her to take her life, But she epitomized her inner boldness that nothing could stop her  from living, nobody can put her to shame.

An inspiration.

The remarkable character to fight it out and come victorious in the game of life is nothing short than a feat , She kept herself confident , like anybody in this society she deserves the right to live , live a  life without fear. The decision to continue  without any negativity is a true testimony to   fight all odds and accomplish oneself  without mowed  down to  fate. Society and people consider such cowardly acts as a fate , never bothers to help them overcome it. She just dislodged all misconceptions and shown that in spite of going through all this , if you have a bold mind  , you can still be more enchanting women  with such a lovely and beautiful mind.

New york Fashion Week on Thursday

Reshma Qureshi  on Thursday walked the ramp wearing the dress designed by Archana Kochhar at new york fashion week, Her walk on the ramp has sent a huge ripples in the society and world community at large , that  survivors of  horrible attacks  can live courageously , she has inspired each  of  the survivors in the society to come forward , told that she hate someone who calls her a victim,  she wore  a pink dress and lipstick and got her hair styled like her favourite actress Katrina kaif.

Make Love , Not Scars

She is associated with an NGO “Make love, not scars “ help her to get emboldened in life to fight for justice , decided not to cover her face anymore. She modeled for a campaign # End acid scale, which became a superb hit.  The great presence of her mind led her campaign for the support for such victims  by expressing her solidarity with them. She is an amazing woman . She wants to share the world this message that “ Make your heart beautiful” Beauty is not about how you look. A standing salutes to this young 19-year-old women.

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