Popular News aggregators.

news-aggregatorTechnology has been the  best enabler and  continuous to be  the one   in the world of evolving disruptive ideas and innovations. Every smartphone users  cannot think of putting their hands on their phone without having apps  installed  on their mobile devices . If you rephrase this statement the apps have given  smartphones that invincible hand of facilitating   a  completely different user experience. News aggregator apps are one such which gives readers the short and crisp curated  news content from all  available sources  from  web, podcast , blogs& vlogs .  There are many of them doing the rounds both android and Ios based . In the world  of busy lifestyle, these new aggregators provide news from across the globe on a single platform which is delivered to you in short and crisp manner, later on,  if you want to get detailed perspective on particular  news you can browse through the original source from where that  news got originated.

Why I felt news aggregators useful to me?

I felt news aggregator very useful to  me with informative content which helps me to keep tab of the major  happenings from all walks of life. Everything you read from you daily doses of  newspaper reading may not arouse interest in you , but certainly certain news might be of great interest to you, same news carries different perspective in some other medias. So this news aggregator has an intrinsic algorithm which brings right information for the readers .Yes, this sounds really good and worthwhile,  I  get news from all areas where I can  flip through easily  one after the other. Everyone has their  preferences  be it  politics , sports , Films, and books, sometimes you get to see videos with content which can be viewed effectively to make your eyes get glued on the video with curiosity.

Aggregate on what basis?

The importance of aggregation revolves on two fulcrums  , identifies what is the relevant news content and important part of that news. So readers don’t miss the content which is relevant to their areas of interest and also gets to know cream of the original content .

Building loyalty and trust

If you deliver valuable and pertinent   content  to readers , in turn, develops trust and loyalty among the readers who consume the content. Once you establish that strong  bonding with readers you can exploit the opportunities to place relevant ads on it . So  the scope  generating  significant revenue is the next possible option to sustain with the business model.

 News aggregators which caught my attention are the following

  • Google news

  • Flipboard

  • InShorts

  • Smart news

  • Crisp news

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