Rising above the ordinary.


I thought to write this piece with a sense of inspiration after watching  the  Olympics  with those spirited moments of sporting excellence in the planet  , These sporting legends are really above the curve with sheer passion, intelligence and above all attitude & commitment to excel  with true brilliance . These global sporting talents kept  me  surprised all the time when they were performing  at their highest level in their individual streams. They have gone that  extra mile to stretch themselves which helped them to be self-motivated , tested their physique and put them the best possible manner to derive the highest performance  continuously . They outshined and outperformed their peers  very far which  can be termed as the most spectacular achievements  in their own fields.  I think  the likes of Usain bolt , Micheal Phelps & Simone Biles kept us  intrigued  while  watching their performance and exhibition of their individual brilliance in the track  which kept us glued to the TV’s and also given the urge to do some  search on their journey towards their glory.

In Rio 2016 and preceding Olympics in London, we have witnessed  this two brilliant individuals who sustained and prevailed upon others to push their envelope to the highest  level whenever they have performed on the track  ,or  on water and sheer exhibition of acrobatics and flexibility. But going to their initial part of their  journey they were shown glimpses of talent , but that alone didn’t  serve them the purpose to be continuously at the top year after year or Olympics after Olympics.  But if follow their rigorous practice sessions with discipline years of toiling with practice kept them in good stead , slowly a great athlete were on the verge of creation , it is not just by chance essentially everything boils down to their confidence in their ability , frequently   testing  their skills with an eye to reaching the top . They never say die attitude slowly positioned their body and its organs to withstand the kind of  hardship  which one’s own body is been put through.

India’s is Much beyond the selfie sessions & dollops.

Courting controversies in Rio , sports ministers scrambling for photo sessions with athletes , But we forgot to serve them the equipment needed to practice during preparatory sessions, officials travelling in business class leaving the participants in economy classes, outing in Rio for the sport officials is like going for pleasure trip under the auspices’ of taxpayers money.  Now post-Olympics we have seen central govt and state govt pouring dollops , vying the  opportunity to scout for taking the onus of  the victory , But ideally instead of throwing up all this big monies post-victory , the best way should have been spending` the money to prepare the athletes’ before participation. The biggest irony of being sportsman & women  India is to wait with a begging bowl in front of the officials for support.  Many of them screamed , raised voices at the apathy of our aspiring sporting  individuals . But no one heed  to their voices . let better sense prevails on our sports officials and ministry , so that next when our nations represent in Olympics we all wish to see our national flag flying high when our athletes reach the podiums let our national anthem reverberates . I think that is the best way to remember our nationalist fervour .But  not the kind of propagandist agenda flying thick and fast about who are nationalist and anti-nationalist at present.




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