India’s disappointing journey in Olympics 2016


India’s quest for Olympic glory in 2016 at Rio is almost ended with two medals achieved by two women which helped us salvage some pride among the world nations, barring those three girls rest of Olympic contingent from India which is among the largest since independence was s unsuccessful in making our nation proud , it is very surprising with regret to see our country’s performance languished in the bottom of the medal tallies. I think every time after such a bad performance we do sit and discuss the performance in Olympics a lot , but the result in achieving success is proving to become worse than all our previous outings in Olympics . Why can’t we top the chart in Olympics in spite of having 1.2 billion population out of which more than 50% of the population comprises of youngsters? Yes, it is understood that we have some serious and critical issues in raising our sporting talent’s performance to world class level. And we also know that as a nation we have done nothing so far to address the problem which is systemic in nature.

Great Athletes are not born overnight:

It is painstaking process to bring the best in everyone when it comes to sports ,mere talent is not enough , but the process all boils down to practice , right kind of exposures and above all facilities which is best in the world , right and sincere people at the helm of the affairs who has the commitment , dedication to steer the sports by motivating the athletes. In spite of having a dedicated sports ministry of a cabinet rank, the ministry is seriously faced with the shortage of funds to facilitate the sports to flourish . The action plan seems like a piecemeal kind of an approach which never going to serve the purpose if we want to create world class athletes.

Lack of a serious sports culture:

A lack of serious sports culture is another major hindrance to our growth as a sporting nation , even much smaller and economically weak countries did fairly well than India. Because our society doesn’t view sports as an alternative , Our family and society want more engineers , doctors and IT professionals ,So right from the family itself most of the youngsters are being discouraged to take sports as a profession. The various sports bodies In India seriously lacks professionalism to train and mentor the aspiring talents. instead, they have too much meddled in politics and nepotism. The average money spent for an athlete by any country is far higher than what we spend for our people . Our approach to giving them credible life with social security is below par , but other nations treat their sporting talents with care , nurture them with all the required support. So they naturally they become best in their field by bringing glory to their nation. The preparation for creating Olympic champions starts from very young age , Govt of those nations comes forward to help them to become champions.

No dearth of Talents in India.

Becoming great champions in one’s own respective field is not a miracle , But it is built over many years of serious efforts and hard work , but in our country more than half of the population are poor by any standards , even if they have dreams to become good sporting personalities they seriously face several struggles to make it as their career, So majority of them misses out during this period and only a few make it up by luck or chance. But it should be the responsibility of the governments both in state and central to create excellent academies for furthering one’s talent and ambition. But since 70 years we are struggling to make a mark in the Olympics .

Overdose of Cricket

Our national game is hockey , but see where we are standing among the hockey playing nations , yes, this time, our hockey team had put up a good show , but not enough to win a medal for our country , we were dominating the hockey arena for while in the initial stages , but we squandered that opportunity as well to European nations , Cricket became our religion , center stage due to sheer promotion with vested commercial interest of the multinational companies , money started flowing to this game alone , naturally every youngster want to be cricketer, So others sports faced a natural death . Games like athletics , hockey, volleyball and swimming rather received any attention. I think our Govt should come forward to chalk out a long-term strategic plan to bring a new a lease of life to sport’s policy with the state of the art facilities, Infrastructure and moral support .

Silver lining At Rio

The achievements of Sindhu, Sakshi and Deepa has shown us some glimpses of individual performances in spite of the terrible state of affairs back home, But again one positive take away from our performance is that if given proper mentoring and advice we as nation can become a force to reckon with, Three females who have shown their brilliance beating all the odds should be an eye opener , collectively we need to take actions to create talents at the highest level.


2 thoughts on “India’s disappointing journey in Olympics 2016

  1. Very nicely written, i stand with you in the points that lack of serious sports culture and no dearth of talent. its really very pathetic to see the talented ones are suffering from support and help.


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