Kabali Da……..!

Rajani kant

Even at the age of 65 , Thalivaar is no mood to shed the responsibility as an actor, His fans across the world celebrates and remembers every role he played in the celluloid , he is revered as the demigod , His style , gestures and dialogues still linger on the tongue of his followers . what makes this actor so popular? , Every time when his  new releases hit the screens why cine goers and his fans go crazy? No other actor in the history of India has such fan following like the privilege thalivar enjoys in the minds of the people. I think those questions needs an answer , but it is very hard to nail down  to few answers. Let me try to figure out the reasons behind the worship of Mr Rajanikant. I think  after MGR who late in the 50s was able to find right chord with people in the  Dravidian landscape , later thespian actor stepped into the shoes of a politician and became hugely successful, but in the  way our Thalivar is much more popular than the later because of his  dialogue delivery style which makes his fans welcome with  thunderous standing ovation . The respect, worship offered by his fans sometimes seems to be out of sync with what one could think of in normal parlance. His ability to connect with his fan as an ideal hero who fight against all odds , he comes as a saviour to common masses , who fights against injustice,communicates to millions of his fans  with idealism , Fiery dialogues against antagonist  kept him in good stead all throughout his career as an actor.

He inspires the old generation as well as the new generation equally , How could such an actor  who crossed the age above  60 still widely and deeply popular in the  minds of millions. Surely there is something magical about his persona on the big screen , he speaks for the poor with wholeheartedness , his road to becoming a revered actor from humble beginning as bus  conductor from Karnataka might be the one reason , His stardom derives its strengths from deep rooted faith as an actor who characterized ordinary people’s life in the big screen. He is also a philanthropist , spiritual seeker  and  considered Tamilians as his daughter and sons. His rise to prominence as an actor is slow but his leap to fame  started with this melodrama  “Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai’ where he played the role as a hero who sacrificed everything for his siblings. Towards the end of 80’s Thailvar gained immense popularity  , but he decided to quit acting ,later he was persuaded to come back again. The film Basha was instrumental in giving thailavaars the cult status and god  and became one of the highest paid actors in Asia which no other could dream. But his life has taught an inspiring story  to everyone from being ordinary human being to one of the most respected  actors in the history of India cinema with such a huge fans . So journey from ordinary  person to superstar is just Nerupada………..


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