The world largest media companies

images in digital spaceYes, the changes are inevitable in life similar  is  what happening  to   Print media  advertising space  as well . Traditional print media  advertisement is fastly  becoming a thing of the past   slowly and swiftly  digital advertisement has started  playing a major role  take  the art of advertisements to new levels  . It is quite evident from the recent trends that  shift in preference to digital media over print media is gaining faster momentum .  The media houses  faced with stagnant revenue are slowly moving to digital space or developing new platforms or extending their services. However, the competition in digital space is far more intense with barriers to entry is easier  and  effectively  zero distribution cost.

Out of the top  30 media companies , five top media companies generated revenue of US$88bn, which is the 34% of the total revenue generated by the top 30 companies. Digital ad spend has grown at average 18 % for the last five years powered by the growth in mobile users, social media and online videos.

google tops the list with $59.6 billion , the company generates tens of billions of dollars in every year from selling advertisement through online services mostly google search.




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