Two years of Namo….


Modi govt has completed two years in governance  and  three  more years to go for next general election in 2019. The Govt under the leadership of Modi wants to drive home a point that communicating the govt’s achievement   is far more important than the actual delivery of the schemes rolled  out   in the ground level and  the benefits the common man  had derived out of   the initiatives . The tall claims made by the various ministers in  medias shows that it was really a  calculated move  by the PR machinery of the party just before the final grand ceremony to celebrate the 2-year completion of his Govt. The interesting fact is that Modi never ventured himself to give an interview to India media ,but he chose to  show his face to an  international media , PM wants to send out a  strong message that he is a global leader  in the making . I think the media houses in India  is also equally up to the task of giving report cards in their channels of Govt’s major Hits and misses. But we should give credit to Mr Modi  &  most trusted lieutenant Mr Amit shah who carries the party’s internal affairs carefully the way PM wants its to be done. Modi, on the other hand, is focused on building his image globally  as the  tallest leader after Mr Nehru.  Now coming to claims and accomplishments of Mr Modi so far I feel  the claims in terms of achievements  is somewhat exaggerated  with lies &  bolstered facts. Modi could have done a great job if he had visited the areas which were affected by worst drought in the nearest history of India and  also supported the affected farmer’s families committed suicide because  of the  agrarian crisis. He is under the impression  that  just  mere announcement of  grandeur schemes would take care of the situation.

During Modi’s days of campaigning in 2014, he has made  Big  promises which have led to this impressive victory for BJP now two years has passed since then

Promises  to  bring back the black money  stashed abroad.

I think so far the govt has failed miserably in bringing back the black  money abroad , Nothing concrete on the issue of black has happened . Even after getting valid information with leads , later  followed by leakage of  Panama paper in the public , Govt of the day failed miserably to act on the issue.

Uniform civil code.

They have promised to draft a uniform civil code , but in the last two years no action has been taken  on the issue  nor  any  legislation had been passed.

Make in India

The campaign called Make in India couldn’t make any impact so far , As per the recent figures manufacturing output is at its low . One crore new job creation still remains as a promise but never took off. The failure in job creations has started to hurt the economy badly.

Foreign relations.

Barring  the few success, I think the relationship with our neighbours are at its low , failed to judge and handled the issues relating to  Pakistan badly. The relationship with Nepal, Bangladesh and China has not improved any further ,but with few I think it got more worst than ever before.

Corruption & Grafts.

I think at the level of ministries corruption has reduced significantly , Because the control was so centralised under Modi regime , the room of indulging in corruption is very less. But at the middle level and lower level the issue of corruption stills looms large.

Management of Economy

I think the management of economy gives mixed signals with a growth rate of 7.5 to 8% , But job creation , capacity addition and lower credit growth would hurt the economy in the long term.

The conclusion is that some areas govt has started positively , But  the overall performance of the govt in the last 2 years is not satisfactorily because this govt came to power with huge expectations , But so far the there exists a huge  gap between  achievements versus promises.  Anyway,  three more years to go it remains to be seen how far they can match their rhetoric with real action on the ground.




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