Parochial Nationalism

kanhaiya Kumar

The Debate on nationalism, patriotism are fastly catching up in our nation ever since the arrest of Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar from JNU campus, Now the student leader has been released on bail for six months after charges of sedition stamped on him by Delhi police, But the same police force failed to provide any conclusive evidence against the charges leveled on them , the biggest irony is that govt of the day has been immediately swung into action by alleging him and his colleagues having terrorist links, few other doctored videos doing the rounds in social media space to further the official agenda of the state. But to me, the biggest culprit is the present day media which ran many campaigns to vindicate the position taken by some of the ministers in the union cabinet. So most of the viewers in the prime time media alleged to have convinced that the students in JNU are anti-national which helped the different cross sections of the population taking their sides on the issue without knowing the truths. The biggest agenda by the Govt and media is to carefully link the issue in JNU with our jawans who had died along the borders their by lending this issue some emotional and patriotic angle, which majority of the people will easily consume without any doubt.

Now if you listen to the speech made by the student leader soon after his release from jail shows that there is a wider difference between the beliefs of nationalism of an educated student like him and seemingly narrow-minded ideology pursued by Mr. Modi and Co, I think those who have listened to his speech inside the JNU should acknowledge the broader vision these students of the future have on our nation, rather than the divisive, emotionally charged and dangerous emotions of defining what exactly is true nationalism is all about. Mr. Kanhaiya has candidly put across what is nationalism is all about I think his visionary definition of nationalism is what our people, society and govt of the day should embrace and propagate. He says we are not anti-nationals as claimed to be by the state and media, but we would like to seek freedom in India , but not from India, by this he means to seek freedom from inequality, freedom from the critical problems faced by farmers, ostracizing Dalits by snatching away their rights and other backward sections of the society for a decent living in this society. I think for the majority of them this positions sounds leftists in ideology even we have seen in many instances that those who stands for the poor & marginalized are labeled as Maoist sympathizers’.

History clearly shows that this penchant for unequivocal nationalism by this present BJP government clearly has been borrowed from the days of Hitler during the Nazi regime. But no govt has the right to confine our nationalism in such a parochial manner, especially in a country like India we could find different languages, culture and even different religious beliefs inside the same religion. The Only ideal and better way of defining our nationalism are by imbibing the ideas of humanism, different voices to be allowed, unified and cooperative nature to address the common problems faced by our country.

So it is always better for this nation to get freed from the confines of majoritarian nationalism and embrace a thought process of humanism. But present day trends are not that positive, everything that doesn’t fit into the narrative of RSS ideology is either being pruned or to crush them using force by the state machinery.


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