Work global, live local


Just think that you are a freelance content writer , you have taken up the task to create a content for a client in Brazil, once you complete the task you send the content to him, Then comes to the stage of excessive delay in receiving the payment in return for the work you have completed, which normally takes more than a weeks’ time . As usual to receive the payment in hand, the client might send a foreign cheque or bank induced transfers through representative banks. But if you have a system with unimaginable speed to complete the transaction from an overseas location into your country in local currency or vice versa.Naturally you would feel motivated to take more assignments globally, and receive the payments locally in India rupees. So more business& fewer worries.
So please don’t hesitate to reach out globally, Now you have a better opportunity to sell your skills or products to customers in any part of the world and  Payoneer  payment solutions   understand your difficulty more than anybody else, it helps you to enable seamless financial  transactions the click of a second.

The advantages over the existing payment solutions.
1) Faster transfer, better conversion rate
2) Credits are going to happen in local currency of your country
3) Establish efficient and reliable business models through reduced payment cycles
4) No headache over the conversion rate.
5) Better, a more reliable business relationship between the payer and payee.


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