The Rise of water as a Precious commodity

We often ignore or would like to overlook the fact that how much water as resource becoming  scarce and precious one , due to the increasing global demand from developed and developing nations. The consumption of water  is set to increase from 4500 cubic kilometers in 2010 to 6350 cubic kilometers in 2030. The significant increase in projected consumption is due to sudden demand from developing nations like China& India. The increase in the trend gives us more reasons to worry than to cheer .The reasons are very evident, developed nations or rich nations are considered as the biggest consumers of water , because of their extravagant lifestyle , food consumption  and growing   Demand from industries . In the case of developing nations witnessing economic growth for last couple years, the middle class section of the population is widening  with increasing propensity  to consume more than ever before. Yes water is a renewable resource , but what if the nature’s water supply  falls well short of the   increasing  demand driven situation. I think this situation is going to come in large way across the Globe, the repercussions are many like more heightened tensions  between the borders  , diversion of  big rivers , construction of big dams to store water ,These  reasons could throw up nearly more   sort of a  war like situation between countries sharing boundaries.  US is perhaps the largest consumer of water among  the  select countries.statistic_id263156_water-consumption_-per-capita-in-selected-countries-2011

Projected Increase in demand of water globally

As per the projected annual water demand The two biggest populated and growing economies among the developing countries ie, is India and china would see increasing demand for water .The statics clearly shows ,sectors like  domestic consumption, Industry & Agriculture are the major consumers . The economic power like china is going to consume 300 billion cubic meters for Industry alone and  For  India the major chunk of  338 cubic meters would be  from individuals .


Access to Drinking water is a perennial problem :

The statics below shows despite of the progress globally, we have 750 million people still struggles with out drinking water. Since water being a basic requirement for human beings survival , this shows water is very much a precious commodity , in the future it is going more precious than ever before . So in nutshell we are creators of the problem  on the same hand we suffer a lot and going to suffer more in the coming years.


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