Global Climate Change and way forward

The 2015 united nations global climate change was recently got  concluded in Paris ,France , where a global agreement was signed by 196 representatives on an  agreed text after a  very long deliberation and representation  from  countries. The most important, notable fact is that globally this issue of global warming is getting acknowledged and some serious initiatives would be in its process to get it implemented in the coming years by nations on a global scale. Already the global climate changes and vagaries has shown how devastating the effects  could be on  our planet, We have seen many alarming situations like floods, famine and unprecedented increase in temperature which affects the agriculture , livestock  and people. We need to blame ourselves for forcing us to be in this predicament.

We have seen this multi fold  increase in global climate change,   post industrialization, where no one ever thought of the consequences of this unbridled use of fossil fuels, industrial emission of gases in the environment , deforestation and many other reasons which are nothing but purely a reactions  of   human induced actions . We never thought or not given  any  importance for  a sustainable living in this blue planet.  Nations which are now Developed nations was  busy building their capacities  to become economic power , poor nation’s resources was being put to uncontrollable exploitation without  anticipating the danger in the foreseeable future  leads to destabilizing force which eventually would turns out to be a  global catastrophe .

Now the situation is little bit naïve and complicated because of the simple reason  that in Paris they have agreed to set a limit of 2 degree Celsius by 2030 globally, How would it be possible for the developing and third world nations to rapidly switch to other alternative sources of energy creation? , Currently relatively cheap sources by using coal as input is the mainstay for the developing nations like India for addressing their energy needs. Richer and developed nations are in better position economically to invest in alternative sources like solar, wind and nuclear, but most populated and economically backward nations are not in a position to invest heavily on alternative energy sources.  How much and how far developed nations are willing to contribute for the change in less advanced economies is something which remains to be seen.

The Climate protection performance index of the countries vindicates the above conclusion, those countries who has shown highest achievements in climate protection are richer nations with higher per ca pita income.

And economically backward nations needs a helping hand both economically as well as technological know how.


Industrial Revolution

The  onset  of industry revolution was somewhere close to 1750 till 1840 , where new manufacturing process was in operation , since then mankind has invented new machines like steam engine , many more use of machines in the  world of manufacturing  lead to increase in productivity , History has lauded this as one of finest achievement of human being .But since that period the co2 emission has grown to un assumed proportions which is alarming .


Individual level participation is also key.

Leave the industrialization and other reasons, Are we as individuals are doing enough to play our role as a change agent in bringing down global temperature Please find the below reasons and their share respondents.

We need to highlight countries like japan and Netherlands where people prefer cycle as their preferred mode of commutation .Time has come or time to  realize that we are living on verge of global climate change & pollution every action of ours count more than earlier , and we have identified the root cause of this problem, If we really want to protect this wonderful planet , we need to  do  some sacrifices for a better tomorrow , Otherwise in the  worst case scenario this blue planet would become the worst place to survive for our future generations to come.



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