Virender Sehwag an uncomplicated bats man.

virender sehwag

Right paw batsman from Delhi is the most simple  and uncomplicated batsman in the international cricket .The sight of  his presence in the crease taking guard against the bowler  has   created enough tremors in the minds of  even the inform bowler, His magnanimous presence  , swashbuckling attacking instinct  was  capable of dethroning the line and length of any world class bowler, Throughout his  career veer  followed  only one simple ideology, irrespective of the clout of bowlers in the opposition camp, Veeru never got rattled under pressure before build-up to the encounter, he was equally  uncompromising and simple in approach to follow his style of attacking batsman ship, If cricket ball  is bowled to him, he simply believes that it needs to be hit for maximum . He  is not worried &  not even bothered to be concerned  about the strategy adopted by the opposition. This simple & gentleman was always at ease to any form bowling. The innings he played for India is a real master class, and even should be recorded as the most interesting, treat to watch and above all real class act innings the world cricket has ever produced. He played his game   the way he wanted to play right from the first ball.

Veeru was successful in his own right  played several and significant innings in both test matches & one-day matches for our nation, given the innings real boost while batting first or chasing the scores.  His triple centuries  & Double centuries against the opposition in test as well as in one days  is one  of the best innings in  the international arena. He follows the style and posture of our Little master  ,But his variety of shots in his  arsenal  had even surprised every one, His hand and eye coordination  is  simply awesome ,  It is very easy to write  , But he played real great cricket against some of the world best attacks , His talent  of  getting in to line and length of the delivery very early , his unmatched precision to dispatch  the ball to boundary ropes is real treat,great exhibition  of contest between bat& ball.  International cricket has changed  ever since it came to existence through, field restrictions, power play  etc…., Mr virender shewag is equally adept in exploiting the situation  by  taking the batting to a  new explosive level , but equally,he never missed the opportunity to  time the ball to perfection. His eyes  always beamed  like  a  determined  warrior who is never confused,nor scared  when waging a war with bat.   Hats of to you Mr veeru..The innings you have carved will be remembered in the annals of the history as one of the best. Best of luck…..for  rest of your Life…..!


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