Brand Modi

379981-twitter-modi-and-zuckerberg-at-fb-hqPM Modi’s  visit to   America was in  the  news for the last few days, The national Television channels, print media and social media’s were at praise for his  exaggerated &,hyped   achievements. Visual media, social media & microblogging platforms were  going gung-ho about  his visit.

I found it interesting naturally our PM should be, In 2014 national elections, Modi had clearly used the social media effectively to popularize his brand image, subsequently  won the election with 2/3rd majority. During his stint as  chief minister of Gujarat, he was not allowed to visit the USA because of Gujarat  riots. So Modi as a  person who takes certain things very personally  had made up his Mind,  If he gets the chance to  visit America as Prime minister of our nation   he would use every  available opportunity to become states man, superstar and above all  would be in the  thick of things. He achieved what he wished for, now no looking back for Modi. I think  now days  Modi  feels more comfortable in addressing public rallies outside Indian soil than in India  that too especially in America and sometimes he don’t even know where to limit his speeches , crossed the limit by indulging in  political  potshots against his political rivals.

Our Pm is always in  a campaign mode , sometimes gets into self praising mode , next time we  finds him  breaks down in tears , Like every other citizen of this country I also feel it is time to change the fate of our nation. Our Pm speaks about  a narrative which stands for  Minimum Government maximum Governance,  he want  our country to manufacture more , create more employment opportunities  through “made in India”,   through “Skill India”, he hints  us  to develop, improve the skill sets of our  youngsters, so that they can  become more employable by contributing  to our economic growth, He said that  to connect every rural sector with optical fibres by increasing the connectivity  through his “digital India Initiative” , His govt is committed to wipe out redtapism and infuse transparency in the governance  & bureaucracy , he criticises vote bank politics by referring  others as pseudo secular ,  He speaks about  empowering  the poor, farmers .  Our PM seems to   highlight that his only  agenda is to  develop our nation, everything is good to hear, all this makes me  goose bumps.

I don’t want to sound cynical , But back home Mr prime minister the reality  is different as a  citizen who lives in this country feels different , I hear  very frequently our culture minister rabble rousing on certain issues which hurts other people’s sentiments. Govt instructing people what to eat and not. Policies to regulate social media which affects people’s secrecy. Busy changing the history and conveniently placing others personalities by hyping their role in freedom struggle, Changing text books, replacing  eminent people’s from well known institutions  of national repute, allowing RSS and its affiliates to carry out  targeted attacks, No respite for the ailing  farmer’s   very less budgeted allocation to bring in reforms in social sector.  Planned to push  important bills through ordinance routes with no consensus. Alleged scams by your collogues in central and state govt,

In the economic front  apart from the global factors favoring our  macro economy, nothing more in  action to be really proud off. I consider it would have been better if you had first  set   our house in order  before you going  out to attract  the foreign investors  to India .Your bonhomie with social networking giants won’t be the lasting solutions to countries problems, Our country no more needs superficial way of dealing things, you have promised us a lot, But less in action at the ground level.  Unlike, others  Modi  tends to overdo things, which sometimes seems unwarranted  & unnecessary. I don’t believe any promised change is going to happen overnight, But at least signals should be in the right direction.


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