Farmer Suicides & Govt’s Inaction

farmer's distressAt present GST and land acquisition bills which are pending to be passed are the main concerns expressed by authorities in the govt than the continuing rate of increase in farmer’s suicides. The last week stock market indexes has fallen due to economic fallout in Chinese market, yesterday govt of India under the leadership of Modi has called all corporate leaders for a meeting to discuss about falling output in manufacturing sector and suggested them to invest more to improve the situation and it is reported that corporate leaders have asked further rate cuts to make the interest on loans more attractive. So Govt of the day is too much concerned about the happenings in Chinese economy and its probable consequences which might inflict our economy at large, But so far we haven’t heard anything from the govt officials or nor they have called any meeting with experts to tide over the situation . Is the Govt taking time to find out a solution to this situation? Or is Govt acts so insensitive to this pressing situation faced by farmers across various states in India? Various states on other hand has published the census report in which farmer’s suicide shows a declining trend , they have played down the rate of suicide as it has been committed by section of population who are non farmers. So it clearly shows that rather than addressing the root cause of the problems faced by the farmer’s, Govt found the easy route by fudging the census reports.

farmers distress 1

In India 53% of the population depends on agriculture or agri related activities , As per the NCRB farmer’s suicide accounts for 11.2 % of all suicides reported , But experts giving conflicting reasons   like poor monsoon, crop failure, Bad government policies ,public mental health so on so forth. But distress in agricultural sector have been given blind eye , other than announcing relief packages when elections are due , most of the time the packages announced by state and central govt don’t reach to suffering farmer’s . Agriculture is still considered as one of the major of source economic activity in our nation , but section of the farmer’s who are marginal farmers leaves their field and moves to cities to seek other source of income because of various reasons like, i.e. they are not able to get reasonable price for their produce , which really put them in to situation where their debts keeps piling up , as last resort they quit farming , sell their farming land and worst with no hopes to survive , they might commit suicide. Since 1995 we have around 30,000 farmers‘s suicide, which is an alarming situation, that needs to be addressed.

  • Wide scale depletion of groundwater which leads to scarcity of water for irrigation
  • Massive scale of deforestation which leads to monsoon becoming unpredictable
  • Extensive use of chemical fertilizers which could affect the fertility of the soil
  • Non Availability of credit facilities from banks & cooperative societies leads to over dependence for credit from others sources with   unaffordable higher interest rates.

Beyond everything the support, reaching to those affected farmers by the Govt& others agencies would help them with confidence, gives hope to get out from the situations. In the era of neo liberal reforms, reduced spending for social sector schemes, short-term visions to improve the GDP growth, market driven economic policies, more support and cushion with lot of freebies given to improve their profits are being the main agendas of the govt since 1998, So focus on agriculture& Agri related sector has become a sector of tertiary importance.


2 thoughts on “Farmer Suicides & Govt’s Inaction

  1. And we call it ‘Achche Din’ and some people clap incessantly when Modi is on Stage. What has he done for India (real India) till date…i don’t think anything?
    Only the rich-poor divide has widened for now!


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