Royal Enfield , A journey of three centuries

Thumping sound of a motorcycle survived many centuries, overcame many historical milestones, changed hands of many owners, still this mean machine has evolved, sustained and evergreen in the minds of motor cycle fans & enthusiasts. Enfield cycle company was founded in 1893 , they manufactured motorcycles, bicycles, lawn movers and stationary engines. From 1914 motor cycle was used largely in by British army in the First World War, also supplied motorcycles to imperial Russian army. In 1921 it developed new 976cc twin engine, In 1924 it launched first Enfield four stroke 350cc engine. But company faced depression in 1930’s but kept on going with it reserves, later company’s founder died, followed by one of its partner in 1931. When second world war again came to the scene, British army called royal Enfield company to manufacture military motorcycles capable of taking tough tasks and difficult terrains, they were also involved in manufacturing other equipment meant for military use as well.

history royal enfield1history royal enfiled 2

Post world war II Royal Enfield resumed production of the single cylinder over head valve engines of 350& 500 ccs , In 1948 it developed road going model fit for general commute which offered popular and comfortable ride , 500cc model was also introduced , In 1950’s the manufacturing right was sold to India there after royal Enfield motorcycle started the path to become Indianised. Owning a bullet was considered a pride because of his thumping sound, comfortable ride , which is tuned to survive India’s harsh road conditions. We have started from where the British left , like we being colonized by them for a decade left us in the middle like bruised , looted and deprived , But we survived in the midst all those hardships, Like this no other automobile brand has survived for three centuries in spite of several hurdles .

royal enfiled 2royal enfileld

In 1955 , The Redditch company partnered with Madras motors in India to form Enfield India to assemble Royal Enfield motor cycles under the license , in 1990 royal Enfield India collaborated with Eicher group and later in 1994 it got merged and became part of the Eicher Group , Today this ever green marquee name has significantly improved the fortunes of this company ,presently royal Enfield owns several new models, contemporary designs , improved network of dealerships and renewed global presence. In February 2015 as per the report “ Royal Enfield global sales races past the Milwaukee born Harley Davidson ,

Yes even after three centuries of struggles , competition in automobile space , other international motorcycle brands opening & operating their outlets in India to woe youngsters , motorcycle aficionados , But this Iconic brand has survived , sustained by creating special place in the minds of many Indians who dreams of owning a powerful motor cycle , one name which comes to their mind is Royal Enfield Bullet. Even in the bourses also Eicher’s stock is riding high those who are wise enough to tape the opportunity by owning the stock 10 to 15years back would have become millionaires by now , today it has market cap of 505.4 billion and its shares trading at Rs 18,592. So by all means the journey of this iconic brand is illustrious & marvelous which no other automobile brand could ever think off. .


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