DR APJ ABDUL KALAM , A true Epitome of inspiration……!

Mr Abdul Kalam

In the history of Independent India   if you look at the list of the former presidents who was at  the office as first citizen of India , The name of Mr APJ kalam comes to everyone’s mind not just because he was president of India , but he was a highly acclaimed visionary person  respected by people from all walks of life irrespective of our nation’s diversity in culture & religion . At heart he was an inspirational speaker , scientist , educationist, dreamer & writer who always stood for a vision to transform our nation with advances in technology , Agriculture and military power . People can associate and remember this noble soul as an architect of India’s missile technology, his role in making significant advances in space technology. He was also there in the fore front to offer his support in Pokhran II nuclear tests. Mr APJ Kalam Sir was sincere and dedicated nationalist who has put his heart and soul in every role he had played till he breathe his last life.

Our late former president was realistic in all aspects in taking our nation in the league of super powers, he sincerely believed that India has the resources and workforce to realize that dream, he advocated the use of technology in improving the living conditions of people living in rural areas, he spoke about use of modern technology and state of art knowledge in agriculture to improve the productivity of crops and create surpluses for future contingencies. He was realistic in terms development , he believed in quality, affordable health care to common people , he believes in providing the nutritious food to poorest of the poor , so that they can think & dream to become successful like him. The journey and life Mr APJ Kalam is a true testimonial to everyone who looks up to him and he inspired youngsters to dream to become entrepreneur, scientist, Teacher & writer. He was very close to the heart of children’s, because he loves to interact and spend time with them, inspired many budding talents to realize their dreams by willfully sharing his own experiences in life. He was man of simplicity personified, affable and ego-less.

The bottom line is that he had a vision for India, i.e. is by 2020 India would become a nation which will be super power globally. His thoughts, actions& writings could clearly depicted that sense, but as a tribute to this Noble & respected soul , Are we individually or jointly eying for this vision by working towards the dream ? We as a nation still has many perennial problems to resolve before marching ahead to become superpower .Lets all live & strive for fulfilling his dreams , lets his dreams become effervescent and be more pronounced for many generations to come. Hitherto Mr Kalam as personality has became part of the history , but his thoughts & teachings are going to stay lively for ever.


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