Nurtured entrepreneur vs Natural entrepreneur


I hope this is a debatable topic which each of on us could add more dimensions to this topic by having your own point views that entrepreneurs cannot be nurtured but they are born as natural leaders who can success fully run a business. Natural entrepreneurs are people who have wonderful ideas, skills sets, more over they are street smart to make their start up successful. According to experts they broadly classified entrepreneurs as innovative & repilicative . Innovative entrepreneurs are who has creative urge to do something new & niche, replicative ones are who follows the beaten path or follow the folks. By any degree of observation generally it is considered as people who has the guts to take the risk on owns shoulder because both success &failure are both sides of similar coin, if his effort is successful he or she can redeem themselves and announce the world they are successful , but if you are met with failure , you can feel satisfied by yourself that you have tried , But still the scope of improvement and scalability is there in both cases. I personally feel that after working for others for last 12 years in financial industry, the time has come for me to think or ideate to start something of my own.

The point of contention which I would like throw across to you is that do we need to have certain character traits which defines you as prospective one to become entrepreneur , I feel it is rather impossible to judge a person as good or bad entrepreneur . I feel it is the opportunities and environment which makes one to take the risk of starting something with their savings or money borrowed from outside. Today if you are planning to start a new venture with the help of a venture capitalist , and the investor feels that your idea does’nt have that new lease of life , there is more likelihood that they might not buy your or idea and you are left with no choice but fall to back on other sources. Today it is the innovative entrepreneurs who are going to attract the attention of venture capitalist to fund their venture. Majority of investors don’t to bank on a business venture which is already there in the market place. So generally a perception is generally riding high on the air that innovative ideas are going to be only successful in the globalized & digitized world. I personally beg to differ such stereo type thoughts .suppose an replicative entrepreneur tries to start a business model which is already there in the market , his chance of success is very limited is not right, he can still do inculcate a lot of ideas in to the business by scaling it to new heights. Suppose an individual who opens up a tea shop falls in to replicative entrepreneur who takes the risk to earn his living by owing tea shop, still his scope for success is purely measured on how can better do than others by giving good& tasty tea than others, customers will definitely fall for it. I personally knows a lot people in my state Kerala who runs this tea shop better than many other. So it is the attitude to tread to that extra mile counts than anything. Many college drops out individuals  became  well known globally recognized business leaders, many others tried many times but failed , but never gave up  their hopes finally  they also became successful .

Some time even great ideas couldn’t take it wings in business, because of many other reasons .So success ratio of both models depends up on various other factors. In my example after working for nearly 12 years , I feel that I haven’t got any level of satisfaction till now , But I know that I am personally taking a risk by leaving the job thinking of starting something of my own. Personally it is the emotional support & backing from our dear & near ones’ to make us jump in to this fray.

Once the digital marketing & e commerce business models are gathering pace in a country like India, where average number of mobile users are more than the population who uses toilets, still many new ventures are springing success by earning mullahs. If we observe and understand the market, look out for opportunities I am sure that meeting success is not that hard. But if you don’t start, then you can’t complain.

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