Is marriage a passport to future?


Marriage is normally considered as passport which ushers a good future for the women community ,There is a brewing tensions and anxiety among the parents of the female child that , sooner she turns 20 years parents of the female child starts their mission to look out for the ideal groom to get her married as early possible. If she remains unmarried even after the legally permitted age the society and the people puts insurmountable pressure to get her married to a person whom they sees fit & matching. This notions, thinking & practices really keeps the girl child under pressure to agree on the idea of getting married. Parents thinks if they could give her to better man her future is taken care of , here we are directly or indirectly giving message to her that first you have to be wife , mother and home maker . So the society itself categorizes her to become secondary to man , make her feel and think that her views , interests & preferences are given least importance by reiterating that male is going to dominate you , As a individual her choices has to be buried under the ground before getting married. Especially when it comes to my part of the country Ie, is Kerala among grooms family the system called dowry still persists which assumes a very important role in considering the suitability of the bride ,But certainly there are some improvements or change in attitude among the educated middle class , but majority of the male’s family consider the quantum of wealth their son’s could garner from the bride’s family and they are least hesitant in demanding for jewelry, land , House & Automobile.

The choices of the women to decide their future are very limited, but on rare occasions even after getting married her spouse might extend their support to pursue her interest, but in most of the cases women’s life would get limited to four walls of the house, her predicament post marriage is almost similar . The patriarchal system prevailing in the society is acting as major hurdle in bringing in any respite to this existing situation.

So I don’t think marriage is not always the right passport to good future. Like men chases their dreams. Let the society gives her the space, support to pursue her choices in life. In the last 60 years we have seen only one women president & one women prime minister in world’s biggest democracy. Time to change all this preconceived notions, empowering the women folks is also very important if as a nations we need to really progress.


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