Every one have their dreams , sometimes dreams keeps changing as time and situation evolves ,but the process of dreaming never stops..Sometimes you feel being on the top of the world ,on other occasion we fell dejected , hopeless. Dreams in everyone’s life have this uncanny power of dragging yourself like being on the crest of a wave or sometimes pulls you down as being like a trough of a wave get immersed in beautiful thoughts of accomplishing something in life , or to grab or walk away with your favorite four wheeler or two wheeler , or setting up your dream home, traveling to your favorite locations across the world. But people with their every dreams becoming fulfilled is of rarity. As you travel along with time and space dreams also undergoes  time bound changes. But certain personalities whom we come across or read about have their dreams so pronounced and well defined they goes on to achieve it hands on. So famous saying goes “live with your dream”, Is it realistically possible & achievable or should we all irrespective of the situation needs to just go out and pursue it un relentlessly .Sometimes certain thoughts you had dreamt about might look unrealistic& remotely practical, we our self while looking back would feel like laughing at it, But carefully if you go thread bare we would find some possibility in developing that to wonderful ideas. Dreams should be like our wings attached to our body, those wings should make you fly by soaring high in the sky ,touching and kissing the clouds. It should make you feel elated, confident and make you moan in ecstasy. Everything today the mankind has achieved, progressed is only because of dreaming. So allow our mind to traverse, float& immerse in powerful dreams& thoughts. So dream as much you can, which is possible only till you survive in this blue planet.


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