Maggi Noodles fiasco who is culpable Brand ambassador or Company?

maggi noodles

I believe both the company and brand ambassador who has endorsed the product should be held culpable, Because brand ambassador orally or visually endorses the particular product to be healthy& safe which really instills a confidence in the mind of consumers to buy and use the product thinking that it is safe & healthy. Recent incidents of harmful components getting reported while testing the food products throws us as very important and socially relevant question. Why the food safety authority is not carrying out frequent sample tests to check the quality of the food products manufactured by this MNC giants, Or are they considering the a law of the land less significant so that they can flout it easily .This incidents are nothing buts heights of treating the consumers as secondary compared to the standards they set while manufacturing & marketing their products in developed nations. In terms of their overall profit globally the sales generated from developing nations plays a significant & substantial contribution to their revenue. The question I would like to pose to you can’t these brands be little more responsible socially? The actors as a public personality when openly endorses a product should be equally careful and cautious, because beyond the product this actors ,Public personalities is actually creating a emotional recall when ever customer thinks of buying a product. Suppose a actor or actress claiming that noodles which they promoting is healthy & safe and the same turns out to be unsafe & unhealthy , who is to be held responsible first brand ambassadors , then the company who has manufactured it. Brand ambassador cannot simply disown it , So in my opinion both the company and brand ambassador should be held responsible and punitive actions should be taken against both the stake holders. Because they are claiming to millions of viewers that the product is good, realistically they have never tried or used the product personally, but for the sake of promoting it without testing the veracity they openly claim that the product is good, I consider such brand promotions are nothing but cheating. Both manufacturer and brand ambassador has social & moral responsibility, if the products are not safe for consumptions, then it amounts to putting the consumer’s health at risk. So such products should be banned, and brand ambassador’s should do some kind of a study before endorsing the product, It is not acting where they can follow the script by the director, here they are promoting consumable product , here beyond the profession of casting , they should be morally responsible in finding out the quality of the product before endorsing it, my views might look odd or impractical , but reality sometimes stares at each one of us as consumers.
One thing which again puts me so unhappy is that this giants follow different standards in different countries, they don’t practice standardization in manufacturing process, here in order to cut the production cost they might resort to substandard process because they simply felt that our law of the land could be flouted easily , if anything is suspected it could be handled easily by bribing the officials , So they might have integrated their production & quality process according to our system. Any how who cares about the end consumers , brand ambassador takes the money and promotes the product , manufacturer reap more profit due higher sales , better turn over , Profit after profit , no concerns for the end consumer.

Source of the Picture:Hindustan Times.


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