365 days of Modi………

The title itself seems to be like a sloganeering such was the campaign Modi & Co has created in the last one year since coming to power, every where Modi has left his stamp of authoritarianism , political maneuvering & feel good factor or the typically coined one liner “achae din” for the nation. He has persistently kept himself in the limelight by conducting more number of foreign visits than any other Prime minster in the history of independent India. He has kept himself busy all the time meeting his counterparts from other parts of the nations, reaching out to the public by being relevant in the social media circles with continuous tweets & snaps with his foreign counterparts. Certain sections of the media speaking & writing high about his efforts, some others being cynical and in criticizing mode. I feel I should be one other side , reasons are many if we go skin deep in to the policy measures and directions which the present NDA govt has undertaken. Majority of the population are of the belief that because of his high voltage appearances ,well calculated dialects a feeling has been aroused by incumbent prime minister that he is going to change the fate our nation and free all of us from the woes , His buzzing campaigns like make in India, swatch baharth ,adopt village ,enter the digital age, zero defect Zero Effect & black money has started to find   good resonance among the masses , So naturally people has started to feel that this is what India wants, But realistically Modi is creating a superficial feel , which might go burst if he fails to act on the promises which he has delivered during his political campaigns.

This Govt is slowly getting under the skin of the people by making them felt that the country should be governed the way it is been governed now , promises after promises with signature style oratory skills ,  with the support of large section of media. If you look at the economy figuratively per se looks attractive ie is growth , inflation , fiscal deficit etc .But realistically present dispensation under Modi regime is all set to pursue similar models of development which they famously named as  Gujarat model ,  which supports corporate to invest heavily with the open support of govt , by adopting liberal policy measures by grabbing natural resources, land & energy at below market rate , partnering with corporate for more profits . The indications are also in the same line if one tries to connect all dots together. Modi as a master tactician is equally aware that disenchantment among the common public would leads to the erosion of his popular support base , So he missed no opportunities to announce host of social welfare schemes , But if he so much concerned about the social welfare , the allocation towards the same in the budget looks really miniscule which is even very less compared to the previous UPA 1& UPAII. We have witnessed series of farmer’s suicide across the major farming belts in the north eastern part of the country. In the hindsight consultation & discussions are not their trade mark it is been replaced with unilateral decision making process. Social development schemes for poor , farmers , child welfare ,universal rights like educations , health were thrown to headwinds. Neo- liberal policy measures became the top most priory like newly introduced land acquisition bill, labor laws , policy on disinvestment, liberalized regime on taxation which benefits the corporate to pay less tax a make more profit , all those measures are at the cost spending less on social welfare measures. He is bundling everything together with same kind of vigor as he was while campaigning for the national poll, I think he is still in his preelection campaign mode . But questions I would like to pose to you all   Achae Din for whom or had we all started feel the change , any way one year of his rule never given me any sign of prosperity .


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