One Billion People and one Game “ Cricket”

Don’t you think that statement look trivial ? Yes indeed the game of cricket is so popularized in this 21st century India and now it deems fit to consider it as our national game , which was once played by the colonial rulers especially by elitist and slowly became prominent in our nation because of political patronage and many others reasons for that matter. The evolution of this sports to become a prominent one has several important reasons. Between 1928 to 1956 Indian hockey team had won six consecutive gold medal in Olympics which remains undisputed , yet this game of cricket has soared in popularity because of several interest from different quarters. If you check you would come to know why channels are fighting it out to grab the board casting rights to broadcast the match live in   India and subcontinent because of the massive popularity and unimaginable money they could garner if matches are broadcasted lively to the millions of potential consumers back home. More than anything this game has acquired populist stature not just by chance but it is for the benefit of corporate  to promote their brands when almost 80% of the population watches this games on TV,  So it is always in the best interest of the advertisers and channels to keep the hope of Indian team as along as possible to improve the viewership  and make more money out of it. If you take other prominent cricket playing nations they are good in discovering many other sporting talents and faired excellently well in many others sports than India . But in India cricketers are always given unwanted attention with a lot of pomp ,style , glitz& glamour. So knowingly the media and other mediums give more attention to this game called cricket . If you are a cricketer you can make good amount of money with in a short period of time. In the 2015 world cup India has managed to sail through to the semifinal by defeating minnows, Only two games between west indies and south Africa was the only encounter among the team of equals . So when team India fails continuously in over seas pitches there is an opportunity for criticism, and is befitting that players , their approaches needs to be criticized . I believe this games has overarching power which money has bought in to this sports than national pride, weather Dhoni’s mantle as captain needs more scrutiny than ever before , Players weakness in playing real quality pace is again bought in to attention , our players still lacks the quality to play genuine fast bowling , when it comes to chasing huge total we as usual buckles under pressure. It is time we need to give more focus more attentions which other games begs for , I still believe cricket cannot be considered as complete sports where athleticism and stamina is not been put to real test. What happened to our own national sports Hockey , where we stands today in hockey , how much attention a hockey player gets when compared to cricket .we should be ashamed of as a country with 1.2 billon population , with no major sports other than cricket , what is our level of achievements in Olympics , are our aspiring young athletics are getting enough attention and support to be in their league of their own .If we want to be major country in sports it is high time that we need to look beyond the game of cricket , I believe their should be a drastic cut in remuneration which BCCI is paying to the players, advertisers needs to look beyond cricket personalities to advertise their products , let all other deserving sport personalities gets equal chance to be in the limelight .This game of cricket alone wouldn’t give any credibility as nation in the long run. Even I have slightest objection and different in opinion on the decision to confer Bharath Ratna to our little maestro , I am not undermining the effort this player has bought to the game , certainly his efforts needs to be recognized at the level which he deserves , It would have been ideal if we had conferred the award posthumously to Dhyan Chand , Outstanding hockey player and his role in grabbing 5 Olympic gold medal for our nation. The richest cricket board among the cricket playing nation to be dismantled , money which is coming as revenue should be used wisely to set up more infrastructure for other sports, Imagine we have seen a situation where people from other field of sports begs & borrow to participate in international sporting events , some times forced to stay in below par accommodation during the event , Our richest cricket personalities gets all the amenities , stays in posh luxurious hotels , Our cricketer eats , drink & sleep with cricket , but many players from other nation who had played in the world cup were amateurs , they depends on other means to earn for their living , But our bunch of highly caliber players enjoys the luxury , outing and comes back defeated but with fatty bank balances .


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