Nuances of Digital space…

When I write this piece   digital space is growing and gathering strength. Today information and communicative mediums getting revolutionized expressing ones ideas, concepts and products by making it to reach to a larger cross section of viewers at much faster space than the usual, Information’s are nowadays at every ones’ finger tips even when they are on the move, so fast this medium is growing it would bring a radical change in the way future business is going to be run. Even today we could find a lot of digital marketing courses being offered by several of the top educational institutions.

The human being is one such creature who keeps innovating and finding new ways to do things, gone are the days where marketing is completely on paper and advertisements are much costlier agenda for a company to spend to get the product branded, now days all this company’s are equally focused on digital marketing space through social networking sites, micro blogging, and Apps of different nature and hue. The advantage I see in this space is repeated recalls, opportunity for any startup to explore this space with cost advantage and scalability. Now even day to day groceries and vegetables are purchased online and gets delivered at your door steps in no time. The probable reasons I believe which paved the way for such a change is the migration of people from rural to urban for finding better prospects, growing urban middle class in emerging economies and increased spending behavior and crowded information’s which getting shared day by day in this space.

The prospective buyers are getting good deals by comparing the price offerings , various choices in terms of price , brands , cash on delivery model, EMI purchases so on and so forth today nothing is beyond the reach of online marketers be it electronic devices , apparels, foot wears or even sales of automobiles which for the time being idea has not taken its wings , but who knows some years down the line virtual showrooms might come in to place where buyers can explore the cars ,price tags and book one through online and this data would get shared to all   financial institutions, for them it is as like customers are being given on a platter for them to chase to sell loans & other financial products.

What not to say future generation elections might be fought in this space, traditional election campaigns in a large open space might become history, we wouldn’t see our leaders fighting it out in the basking sun, chilled climates, we would miss their adapt skills of verbatim, pitched battles, playing with words and swallowing few. The 2014 elections were one such affair where social networking and social media were put to good use to woe the youngsters.

The shared platforms like Face book, Twitter, whats up, missed few new ones’ are also giving innumerable options for the companies to get customers with different taste and preferences in a single platform, All these platforms are having intelligent data, analytical tools which run in the background to analyze your search patterns, favorable likes and viewing pattern, So be cautious more tech savvy you become more vulnerable you are, as your privacy is getting hijacked by the unknown. Sometimes I feel amused if anybody happens to say that” I like my privacy”, I think that word cannot be used now, if you are in this space understand everything is public. I remember when I was watching a movie in a theatre, to keep her kid cool and not be naughty, the mother has opened the I pad and given to her , this kid was so happy they she never lifted her head from the device , So parents was able to watch and enjoy the movie in its full spirit , happy ending for both parents as well their kid.


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