The Maniac called Human being.

Even Others creatures in this earth have had their share of humanity to their fellow beings , But the incident In Peshwar from Pakistan has again proved that human being is one such creature who have lost respect to their fellow beings , I am literally shocked and surprised to see what sort of an agenda or ideology are these   butchers driving home , Are they communicating to the entire world that they are no more a human being , but turned out to be real maniacs or not having any iota of humanity left in them. Probably they are giving a signal to the world community that their presence in those part of the world is still very much alive. How can a person with flesh and blood think of killing this budding kids who have just started to enjoy their footsteps in this planet ,Kids might have died with smile on their faces .Because those kids never knew that this group of idiosyncratic creature would go to the extent of ending their life and indeed had different plans in their minds to stop this kids going back home. Are they declaring that they want Islamic state to exist in their place? Or do they really want to stop next generation prospering, so better way would be to annihilate them.. Who is heading this Taliban movement, I think that idiot might be not having his wife and kids or he might have killed them also. who has been the brain behind such inferior and bastardly act . I still doubt even in this 21st century human beings as a creature is worst than an animal. Even any other animal other than human beings are much more superior in their acts, We celebrates & relishes the progress of mankind , but equally shame full that every step we take forward , such acts of this heinous nature is equally pulling us backward by many steps . When world is getting modern in thoughts and action this opposite or regressive way of thinking is the only way for those murderers to establish their point of views… Many struggles has been worn in this world by people through mass movements and war. But all those incidents might be for some causes which was not any more cowardly than this act .Many mass killings had happened in war or bomb attacks several innocent lives have been lost. But I don’t understand how can they shoot those innocent kids by seeing their smiling faces?. No body can justify this gruesome and atrocious act….I believe beyond everything life of human beings are more precious which needs to be respected than those terrorists self professed thinking and ideologies. Religion is meant to be human beings self improvement, it is not matter of forcing somebody to follow it by creating fear and insecurity in the minds .


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