Safety Begins with me

Safety of one’s life and how we value others life in the society starts from home, The responsibility of having a safe drive culture should start’s from one’s heart , even though we have laid down traffic rules in the book , but it boils down to how sensible one is for others life while on the wheels . The importance of having good civic sense is something one should follow every time whenever you are around in your vehicle . The human lives are precious every one you see on the roads are having the same right like you to travel on the road . So inculcating good habits while driving is paramount and need of the hour for you , co passengers & fellow commuters .A safe drive by following traffic rules is a responsibility of every citizen who uses the road and its infrastructure provided by the civic authorities . Many times I have felt and observed that people while driving their vehicles are so restless and take shortcuts while on roads . Generally there is an increasing trend to violate rules by being least bothered about the difficulties they pose for other people’s on the road . Many times the increased usage of mobile phones while driving leads to loss of concentration which results in major accidents., because diving a vehicle is very crucial and complex activity for your brain , proper responses and timely reflexes are crucial while driving a four wheeler or two wheeler for that matter. People should understand that we cannot engage in multiple activity in a given time , so while on a drive if your mobile phone rings ,we should develop a habit of parking the vehicle on the side ways with out creating any hassles for the passage of other vehicles ,then answer the call and start to drive again. This habit requires patience and perseverance which most of the present generation vehicle user’s serious lacks.
As I told at the start in this piece of writing , Good and sensible habits are going to stay with you for long and if you practice this at home and apply in your daily life’s your kids would also follow the same. Generally the trend is that we start exactly on the minimum time required to reach to our destination , if on the road because of unusually traffic jams happens it is quite naturally that you are going to be b late to your office or function , so certainly in order to make up the lost time we tend to accelerate more which leads to unusual application of brakes makes vehicles you following you to become unpredictable , if the signal is for the people’s to cross the road and the indication is their on the traffic light we somehow manages to cross the signal at the nick of a second
Like good habits and healthy practices , following traffic rules should be on everyone’s blood , I believe it is always right to give a one day session on traffic rules for all new license holders .One more thing which I feel which needs to be done before testing your new wheels on the road , every car manufacturers should insist on their buyers to read a booklet on safe driving practices or they can ask the buyer to download a free apps on their mobiles on safe driving rules. Today because of this ever increasing & aspiring middle class population becoming first time car owners .So it is a social responsibility of every car manufacturer to spend time and money on airing commercials on safe driving practices through social net working as well as on televisions. I think it is a workable solution which would get easily connected to the car users. So start early, drive safely & reach safely….Follow the best practices and make others close to you to follow good practices ….A responsibility for lies in all stake holders right from the vehicle manufacturer to the end user.


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