A laudable Effort By human to Reinvent the Habit of migration in Birds.

When Johannes Fritz and his team decided to reinvent the habit of migration in northern bald ibies a rare species of birds facing extinction after it was hunted down by human for food. Now it looks surprising to see that the same human being is involved in an effort to bring back their old migratory habit to these rare species of birds. Certainly it is a good sight for any genuine environmentalist or conservationist to see the birds as a group following the path led by human being in a micro light aircraft. Yes in a way the creator had instilled the wits and intelligence in human beings to oversee and preserve the nature and its creatures. But human beings as a rarest of rare species in terms of deeds gone on to become the destroyer of everyone’s natural habitat by putting their fellow companions life under risk .I consider this as great act of conservationist tendencies shown by human being.

This northern bird ibis has completely vanished from Europe in 17th century, They lives in deserts and plateaus of morocco and migrate to coastline for breeding, But this species is now facing shortage gee in numbers because they have lost the habit of migration 350years ago, The effort of instilling the old habit of migration was nothing but a pioneering scientific experimentation ever undertook by mankind. The journey from Austria to Italy at an altitude of 2,450 meters above the sea level covered 301km .As per the Austrian biologist konrad Lorenz , who is considered as father of ethology , the science of animal behavior , certain types of birds such as geese and ducks consider or recognize another animal , person or thing as parent of habitual trust. So this team made this bunch of birds to consider human beings as foster parents and made them follow their path to Italy.

In this 21st century the environment and its species are finding it very hard to survive and many of the species of animals, birds and plants has lost in the battle for survival, many of them would shortly become extinct, Human beings as a master of all living beings has overpowered every other for their own material as well as personal gains. We are the most intelligent species of living being in this blue planet , but equally surprising to see that we are the only one responsible to destroy these finely crafted ecological balance created by the creator itself. Human being should realize that going back to nature and its preserving is key to the future. Think of a scenario where human beings is the only species left in this planet and rest every ones becomes extinct .I am sure it would only weather catastrophe…better to realize this truth than ever.

So This team’s effort is nothing but outstanding one which is equally laudable , hearty to see at least that some element of humanity is still left in us…………!


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