Third World nations Syndrome & Safety standards…….!

When all global automobile manufacturers are seeing a far higher opportunity in India , Because of the massive population and demand for growth , So they are feasting the consumers with new improved models even taking their global successful models to India, But ours being cost conscious population with value for money concept , so it is very much under our skin to buy a product or even a vehicle with value for money in mind , So whenever we buy something new we always think , how is the new buy going to fit our budget , what is value for the product or similar product in the market , then we compare and finally decide to buy a four-wheeler or two-wheeler for that matter. So any new automobile manufacturer who is launching a new product in the Indian market would consider pricing the product in such a fashion to woe the prospective buyers, what if the car manufacturers are discounting the fact of having a lesser safety features for the passengers in India, because the owner of the vehicle don’t give much importance to his or her lives , then why the manufacturers bothers too much about passengers safety, Our nations safety policy frameworks are so weak , we care less for a human life so do the buyer as well as manufacturer , Is it otherwise called third world country syndrome, where value of human life is treated just similar to a piece of paper
When Our popular car Maruti swift recently failed the crash test, But for Suzuki swift is a successful model worldwide which meets safety standards, But when it comes to India it fails to comply with International standards. There are many such instances of lower standards of safety features. See the case of Bhopal gas tragedy, the victims are still finding it difficult to live a normal life, our nations industry standards are absolutely below par, even after so many years passed the victims of the tragedy has not been properly compensated, the foreign company who is the perpetrator is still fighting a long battle just to avoid paying the compensation or further delay it. But when we are talking about corporate social responsibility a company or organization is mandated to spend 3% of the total profit for social causes, Can’t we ask the manufacturers to include the safety features as a social responsibility in the products they manufacture. It is again how our authorities take and views such issues seriously or Do we have a safety policy in place to avoid such incidents which leads to loss of human lives?
It is reported that big Pharmaceutical giants in USA & Europe are using people from Africa to test their new medicines, many of the victims are struggling to survive, because they could get people cheaply from this poor nations to inject and test their new vaccines, once the tests becomes successful they launch their medicines in the market with higher prices which remains unaffordable to the common masses. Who cares for the human lives , it is after all running for more to attain soaring profits , higher stock prices and fight for patent rights, But no corporate in this world are keen to save lives of the needy and poor.


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