It is not BJP But Modi Alone….!

Consider this as my candid observation , but not as Modi baiter , Modi as a individual has rallied up the the ranks of the party and became the prime minister of India with popular majority , Now PM’s ongoing mission is to consolidate the space which he has created for himself by making statements which is purely in line with the expectations of the crowds. He is slowly trying to position himself as global statesmen. The recent visit to japan and much created hype and hoopla in USA are the strong pointers towards his mission to become a powerful prime minister unlike his predecessors. The media and social networking mediums are declaring his foreign visits as great success because as he was successful in getting assurances from larger corporates by building confidence in the foreign investors to invest in India. But realistically speaking nothing has changed in the ground level , other than the host of policy statements which Modi had declared, followed by that Standard and poor international rating agency has rated higher , so Stock market has also followed based on the new found enthusiasm and many experts are of the view that markets in India is going to touch considerable heights. But basically there is no fundamentals on which this rally could harp on.

Yes 100 days in office is very short time to judge his performance , but we were not able to see any paradigm shift the policy announcements , much of them is nothing but an renaming of the existing policies which the previous govt has declared , “It is like old wine new bottle”, His obvious and most acclaimed statement “Made in India “, But no specific road maps to achieve it , Is it just going to be a mere statement with no further action, or Modi using and selling himself as omnipotent leader who can only script a new India , these are some of the doubts which I felt in the last 100 days . One thing which I felt Modi is not the usual leader who comes to media now and then , but rather I would like to put it like this he knows when to time it and how to present it. He said in his speech is that India is blessed with human capital and their subsequently increasing demand for consumption and he asked US investors to invest freely in India to capitalize the opportunity, It would have been ideal if modi could declare sector specific investments especially in the field of agriculture and manufacturing sector .America as nation and its big corporates are looking India as a third world nation to improve their profit margins. They eye India as one among the favorite market to tap the opportunity by pushing their products in this market. We as country need more technical assistance and close corporation in terms joint ventures , we don’t need American companies setting up shops here in order to make profit and taking it back. We need steady inflows coming in which stays for longer duration and the profits getting reinvested .

He is the only show stopper for the govt as well for BJP now , all others in his cabinet are relegated to play the second fiddle role which is not ideal in democratic set up , but fits well in federal system of governance. India is different and difficult nation to govern stark realities of poverty , lack of proper drinking water , inadequate facilities for basic education and sanitation are problems which concerns the nation ever since independence and same continues to loom large over the horizon. Some newspaper column seems highlighting that Modi has roped in famous designer to design his attire while in US. We basically don’t require a well dressed Modi after all he represents a nation where majority are in poverty and farmer’s are suiciding because of mounting debts . We need a PM who has some out of the box ideas to implement and ensure the poorest of the poor getting benefited , we don’t need smart cities to come up where farm and cultivable lands are acquired at cheap prices given to realtors to build concrete structures and original occupiers of the land get evicted. We need more schools to come up in the rural sector , better health care facilities and proper drinking water , we need to create more jobs which is well suited to our economy. He plays different roles as elected prime minister , crowd puller and campaigner for assembly elections. I believe party party with difference who vouched for better days are slowly marching towards that, But only question remains better days to whom?, for the masses or for Modi and his team.


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