The Foot Ball an unassuming Sporting spectacle

Maneuvering the five inch inflated ball by eleven players in each team is the largest & biggest sporting spectacle in the world, It is a fight among 32 countries for the 18 carat gold ,6.1kg FIFA world cup trophy , The game has grown to such an unimaginable proportions that it is more than a game to all the soccer fans across the globe. The joy and adulation this game creates among the fans has made this event “football world cup” the most watched game in the globe. This game has clearly touched and impressed the hearts of millions of people and their respective countries., It is closely associated with their culture, pride and their way of living. Every country in one way or other aspires to create a quality football players to represent their nations in this mega event which decsecnds after every four years. The game had created fascinating players in the likes of Pele & Maradona who has contributed immensely to popularize this game with their sheer skill & talent,Goals which had originated from their boots has created history for their nations.

Football is not just game it has become a religion..and well it could in the future might become a single unifying factor among the nations irrespective of their difference in culture & beliefs such is the magnanimity and popularity this game holds……It recreates every one for 90 minutes with amazing passes, tactful trebling, mesmerizing shots to the net also the emotions filled with hope & despair for the fans ,Some times when a shot been hit and it was a close shave from the goal post we could see the gestures of the fans for the missed opportunity. This games shows how a deep wave of emotions ,jubilation ,& escatasy set the ground lightened with their unassuming presence .So with out any of iota of doubt this game symbolizes team work, strategic thinking , stamina & deeper knowledge about the oppositions strength&weakness.


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