The Grant Old lady in Indian Roads Our Beloved Ambassador Four wheeler or Desi car is history now,Hindustan Motors had finally taken a call to stop the production of Ambassador on May 25,2014,Even though this beauty has it origins in UK ,Morris Oxford , But Hindustan Motors has manufactured this machine with several improvements in 1959 and after that several models got introduced under the version Mark 1 to Mark 4, I am not here to write a obituary on this gaint but certainly this the car which carried me to several miles , various destination and also given me the first hand real experience of how a four Wheeler’s look and feel would be .This Sturdy &Strong machine is still suited for Indian road condition ,This Beauty has the energy ,power and acceleration to accommodate a complete family on wheels with out any strain .Today customers are free to select various type of cars from different manufactures every now than we are startled to hear that a new model is getting introduced with host of features to lure to buyers. Today automobile manufactures are successful in creating different segments with multiple price tags. But my contention is very clear how ever modern or what ever might be the technologies involved in the production , nothing could beat the might of this vehicle in terms of its utility and superior performance on typical Indian roads , But many of the present generation car users would have a different opinion altogether .

The Beauty has perfect shape with a overlooking bonnet and imposing grill , outstanding road presence. The car is such an user friendly one even the nearest cycle repairing mechanic in the vicinity could fix the car with a tap using his spanner or hammer . In fact the Car which we have owned KLV -838 went to the extend of saving my life by quickly ferrying me to the hospital when I was seriously ill during my earlier days as kid , Still my mom used to be reminiscent about that incident . Ambassdor Car is synonymous with Indian roads in the manner in which it traverses the potholes with un parallel efficiency and ground clearance. The Prime Ministers of India were seen using this vehicle to travel along with convoys till the regime of Vajpayee.

When all major Automobile manufactures have started eying in the Indian market with different models , Ambassador as a brand couldn’t sustain the competition , but still we could find some ambassador cars as taxis in semi urban or rural areas. But one thing is sure as famous adage goes
“Old is Gold “ Still for me it is still a gold which in comparable and precious, because this vehicle has touched the hearts of almost every Indians in one way or the other. So biding adieu to his gentle giant…I wish to own a second hand ambassador keep it with me as my partner in my journey towards to the end. So JAI JAI Ambassador …. May your soul rest in peace.


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