Massive Mandate Means a huge task Cut Out for Modi.

Governing a nation Like India is not easy task because of its intrinsic nature which is quite intricate as we all know because of its diverse beliefs and culture , But aspirations are manifold expectations are quite sky high .The govt led by Modi has to stretch all out to bring any radical changes in the India’s socio-economic landscape, We as a nation is facing many pressing situations both socially as well as economically,to serve the expectations of many quarters is a tough & arduous task , but yet achievable if the new cabinet set outs a clear direction under the auspices of Mr Modi. The economic scenario is currently in doldrums and bureaucratic red tap ism is at all time high , Could Modi put a stop to all this crippling issues ,would he able to bring back the economy on track ?.

The agricultural contribution to total GDP is steadily declining , if bad monsoon means lower productivity this has to change,unemployment is another aspect which needs to be addressed over a period of time , because if the govt fails to address this time bomb means more number of youth would remain unemployed which results in lesser productivity . The need for proper productive capacities has to grow , means more creation of jobs which would strengthen the fundamentals of the economy. Our macro financial s still largely depends on foreign capital inflows and remains wavering if the out flows are unprecedented which creates many structural problems to the economy as a whole , so over dependence on foreign capital has to come down . The policy measures the new govt adopts should be more in line with a long term & sustainable growth , The myopic policy measures favoring few should be completely thrown in to the dust bin .Short term decisions like interest rate hike and other fiscal measures is not the only solutions to curtail inflation , but steady and progressive policy measures should be on the agenda to create sustainable growth.

The center vs state relationship needs to be cordial , communication should be smooth and effective , the benefits of the policy measures has to reach to the bottom as well as to the needy , A steady and effective mechanisms to fix accountability on the bureaucrats is very important , They are main parasites which eats in to the system and makes the system non functional and in operational . The major indicators of inclusive economic growth like malnourishment, basic education & rural health care needs to see a sea of improvement .The public sector undertaking & enterprises shouldn’t be dis-invested, But a careful remodeling and restructuring should be the ideal route which needs to be adopted, The so called crony capitalist measures shouldn’t be pursued which favors big groups to have a major say in the decision making , The natural resources shouldn’t be granted to corporates on a platter for them to loot and make profit.

The infrastructure like roads, bridges & dams need urgent priority , the allocation of resources to fund such projects should be fastidious , but never at the cost of environment ., Projects which are pending because of bottlenecks needs urgent clearance , Connectivity by road across the length & breadth of our nation is very important for a better access & reach. The interstate water sharing treaties needs to be revisited and center should play a very important role to settle disputes amicably. Forest land needs to be retained and illegal encroachments shouldn’t be allowed .

Ties with our neighbors as well to the world should be in such a way that our nation’s interest should be their in the top of our mind , any decisions or actions shouldn’t any way put that paramount objective in to jeopardy, A strong and vindictive stand should be taken to curb cross border terrorism . All is easy to write than to be done , but this time verdict is so clear and decisive which resulted in voting a single party to power , ie is ,people meant business…..They have given the BJP the mandate to rule the nation single handedly .Having said all the above issues , their still a scope for a major change if the new government shows the earnest interest in improving the situation …..every thing cannot be resolved overnight , it takes time and effort to bring the right changes to yield the expected results , but is the new government ready to embrace the new change?.Let see how the new govt unravels its plan and path for new set of reforms which is populist as well enduring enough to create a sustainable growth..


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