A script written by Congress and well enacted by BJP

When the biggest democratic exercise in the world announced its verdict , it really surprised and surpassed all analyst and opinion poles and people had decided to give a decisive mandate to right wing hindutuva Party BJP. Yes by all means writing is on the wall for the UPA ,but nobody expected such miserable and drubbing performance , The election 2014 has shown a complete paradigm shift and voted a single party to power a after long gap of 25years. The era of coalition politics is over , now it is the turn of the BJP under the leadership of Modi to showcase a good governance which meets people’s expectation as well as aspirations. Can Modi deliver on his promises and bring smiles on the faces of millions who had placed confidence in Modi which is something yet to be seen .But nobody cannot deny or just gloss over the charisma and effectiveness the Modi had displayed during the whirlwind campaigns organized and managed by Namo & Co , He has used all streams of communication mediums effectively and connected with a well knit chord among the masses on the two pronged agenda of development & governance, there is certainly anti incumbency factor in the air against the 10 year old UPA dispensation , but his effective campaigning in addressing marathon 540 election rallies is not an easy task which every one could undertake . Modi has maintained that every time his name or face is in the news for good or bad reasons, all criticisms against his nature of leadership and riots in 2012 never stopped him from continuing his dream run , Opposition played all tricks to irk Modi and their making a dent on his image , but everything was simply not enough to counteract his focused campaigns , The opposition also had no clue to challenge him, all prominent congress leaders faced massive loses in this election , it clearly shows that UPA has missed the bus very badly and never been able to reach out to people, missed the opportunity to sense the growing dissatisfaction among the people, common man’s issues like price hikes in oil, essential commodities was simply not addressed They ruled the nation by misjudging people’s sentiments, conduct of affairs in govt was like corporates taking decision in the boardroom, the scams were like adding insult to the injury and it was like episode after episode and moreover stoic silence maintained by the outgoing prime minister made him to the earn sobriquets mum ,weak & remote controlled PM , it was like writing one’s on script and being handed over to opposition to play the role , which the BJP has executed it effectively.

The notable fact in this election is the largest state UP contributing immensely to BJP’s own tally , Now People of this nation has exuded their confidence in BJP by giving decisive verdict , now the show is own , the most often repeated concerns like compulsion of coalition politics, pressure from regional parties everything has became history, it is like past is past it is the beginning of new hope , challenges are many like declining economy , inflation so on and so forth. But one thing is for sure this results vindicates the fact that democracy is vibrant in India and people still believes in making right choices. I would like to dedicate this post to all people who has exhibited their power in making right choices and heartfelt wishes to BJP for effective governance.


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