Does Democracy functions for the Masses?


Democracy as per the lexicon means “A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. Yes by all means it is best system of electing the representatives to govern a nation. Does this system or process called democracy actually delivered the right or the expected level of governing performances to masses, Answer might either be yes or no other wise not known this could be the most expected nature of responses if we venture in to a national level of survey among the different cross section of the population. As a system of electing the representatives this might be the best way in getting the people’s representation in a largely populated country like India, We are indeed blessed that baring one occasion , we have had the privilege of choosing our representatives every successive 5 year , but the same liberty and freedom to exercise people’s franchise continuously couldn’t be seen any where in the world , All the above said are facts which pertains to a system called democracy and how better is the way to serve the people when people chooses a individual whom they considered as eligible to represent the masses .

A near perfect system in place and as usual every system which is practiced and preached over a long period of time might get corrupted , because after all it is human beings who runs the system predictably this system is also vulnerable or prone to disease called corruption, nepotism and highhandedness , but can we allow the elected government to be a messiah of few elite or chosen few who can very well influence the corridors of power and cast and recast the policies taken to benefit their individual as well as personal goals , so does the system slowly becoming a kleptocratic due to the control of   oligarchs, Am I going over board or is it just my figment of imagination?. When Political formations talks about development is it going to be inclusive development or to benefit the few, But sometimes I feel our responsibility is limited to one act ie is to caste our vote to elect some one and rest it is their job of not repaying the faith that we had reposed on the individual , Democracy lacks accountability now days ,system or institutions who are responsible for monitoring this lacks transparency and meritocracy , It is like quality control system in a manufacturing unit , quality control is completely responsible for ensuring the product meets the set standards before it goes out of the factory premises, Here the quality control checks every units of production to ensure that it meets the standards, if not gets rejected , So like wise in a democracy the institution which are accountable for ensuring the proper conduct of business in governing nation shouldn’t get enmeshed in corruption and their by diluting the core objective. But many instances in India we have seen such institutions are acting parleys with the government to indulge in corruption.The result is that it creates and breeds the crony capitalist to loot the nation for their personal wealth creation.

So we need to equally proud that we represent one of the largest democracy in the world , but on the same time need to be apprehensive that we are left with no choices but vote for some one with a hope that this time things would be much better…….


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