The War continues………………..


Every minutes every seconds there are many silent wars which has been fought by the people across the globe , out of that few occupies the news headlines , but majority of them goes down unnoticed , Be it an issue on atrocities against women , or some times it might be a fight for individual’s freedom , or may be poorest of the poor struggling to manage to survive without getting starved to death, or fight against institutions who has become insensitive to one’s basic right to live in this planet. Certain fights capture’s major headlines because such issues are either fought by large corporates against the govt policies , or it might be a discussion of a country’s GDP performance, such news becomes discussion points where experts& analysts sits inside media rooms for deliberation. Most of the occasions media groups are fighting among each other to grab the latest news by sensationalising and presenting them in the front of the public to increase their viewership ratings. Every where if we look around we could observe a sort of war to gain legitimacy for their cause….As we all know that all wars are not won by people or group who deserves to win , but most of the occasions it is won by the powerful and the mighty who can turn the table in their favor using their political as well as money power. The constitution guarantees certain rights on individuals freedom sometimes even that also just remains in a piece of paper , but never gets granted to those who fights for it.

Fight for control by majority over minority , or reshaping caste dynamics by vote bank politics every where you see you could find a silent or direct wars which has been waged by individuals as well as groups. In all occasions the ideal results should be or ought to be based on impartial justice to protect one’s own right to live peacefully in this world. But it teaches us a grim reminder that it is the opposite that happens,People or corporates with power and status in the society are getting undue favors or extended access to influence the result the way they want it to be. The exploited or the victims are getting weaker day by day because they stands to lose even after putting a great fight to survive and live, Those who grabs the attention are people or entity who wants to extend their interest in exploiting others for their own self interest by making profit by amassing more wealth. Baring few it is rich or the elites who wins such battles unconditionally over the exploited one.

The institutions which represents and supposed to bring natural justice to all , sees colluding with the powerful by favoring to bring legitimacy to their cause…….Then what is the point in having such institutions ?everybody has the right to live in this planet and fight for justice ….is every where justice granted or is the partisan and favoritism taking the lead over the natural justice. Nature’s gives the right to all creäture to live in this planet , As a creäture human beings are a class apart , still we are finding it hard to survive, then just imagine the fate of others creatures who don’t have the power& intellect to communicate they are silently becoming extinct. So many wars are being fought day in day out for justice ……is justice is being granted or it just a marathon which is run by all of us to gain control over the others, but majority of them are running a marathon to survive and few of them in the marathon are looking for opportunities to grab the fruit of others by increasing their control. In the course of this unending run many of them don’t make it , because already few who are powerful in the crowd make it hard & impossible for others to make it. So wars never ends it continues but most of them gets crushed under the powerful boots of few………





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